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Some people

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My S/O and I are very annoyed right now. Last night, he came home from work after midnight. I don't know exactly when, I was sleeping, but not for long. The doorbell woke me around 1 am, it was the city police. Naturally, I freaked.

It turns out that Dan bumped a neighbor's car when he parked. It was a tight parking space on the street, and he was wearing his prescription sunglasses since his regular glasses are at the optician's. He couldn't see very well because of them.

The nephew of the car owner was out on his porch, so Dan gave him our phone number and relevant info. The officer already had most of what he needed to fill out an incident report, so I know Dan acted in good faith. Here's the problem, the "damage" is so minor, you can barely see it. It is smaller than a nickel. Not to mention the fact that Dan talked to the boy and gave him contact information. There was no need to call the police.

The officer is citing him for something about backing up without sufficient space. He even said hit and run! We will fight that, because Dan did not leave the scene without talking to the boy.
He left because he got home at the same time as our good friend (and neighbor) so they went out to get some food and play video games.

He didn't leave because he was trying to get out of paying for the damage. He also left the car there, so he would certainly be easy to find. I am just angry that these people had to call the police. It is so unnecessary. They better hope I never see them bumping into my car.
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Brenda - there is no rationalization to some people!
I hope that everything works out OK for you all.
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Brenda, it's really a shame that had to happen to your S/O, most people won't involve the police for something so trival. I hope everything works out for the best. Good luck!
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Thanks, we went to talk to the officer this evening. He said Dan still might get cited, but it's minor so not to worry too much. Dan intends to appeal any citation, because it's just so ridiculous. I guess some people have to make it rough for others.
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Good Lord! Some people have nothing better to do with their time? This neighbor better hope he never finds himself in some sort of jam.
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