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I'm going to the cat store today...

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How much do you think I'll spend? The boys need their dry food, but I can't ever get out of there with out buying some sort of toy. I KNOW I need a Da Bird refill, but other than that things are up in the air. So what do you think?
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Yeah, I'm going tonight too, I need litter and a large carrier so I know I'll be spending at least $50 so if I have to, so do you!!
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I've never spent less than $50
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I can never leave the store, where I shop for Dexter & Sadie, without spending, at a minimum, $50...
usually more.
I try to buy a months worth of food at one time.
Then there is litter, toys etc....
We love our kitties.
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The big bag of food I buy costs over $50 inc tax, the litter is close to it so I never spend less than $50
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i think a little over $50
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If your like me, you'll take lots and lots of cash!!!
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I say $50 or more. Cause I know how I am when buying for my baby girl. Her food alone costs $20 for a 10 lb bag. And that's not counting the wet food.
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Whenever I go shopping and things are "up in the air", I tend to browse...browsing leads to buying more....thus, I spend too much money at the pet store.
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