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We have 6 cats, 3 of which are kittens somewhere around 7 months old, 2 of the adults are fixed females (Mia and Oreo) and the other is a neutered/front declawed male (Mario). All of the cats came from other homes, and we have not had to take them to a vet for anything but shots.

The 3 adult cats had been living peacefully together before the kittens entered the picture, and 2 of them are still fine with the kittens, Mario (Large Siamese mix) plays regularly with them.

The mother and father cats are neighborhood cats that we keep fed. Both were fixed as the kittens became almost completely weaned.

The problem began recently, and there seems to be no explanation for it. Mia now growls and hisses, not only at the kittens, but the other two cats as well. They don't even have to approach her, all she has to do is see them.

She used to sleep on the end of the bed with us too, and no longer does this.
She had gotten out and hid for about 2 days awhile ago, but this behavior didn't start till about a week after she was back inside.

Any ideas, suggestions? I've worked with cats for a very long time. Fostered ferals from the docks, feral kittens, abused cats and so forth, but I've never seen this kind of behavior before. She'd never been agressive or anything before now.