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Runs Arounds Like A Maniac...

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I have a 2year old cat....
By this age I would think he would be calmer, but not really...
Like around 9 and 10 pm he runs around like a maniac from the living room to the bathroom (I live in a 1 bedroom apartment)
And he also meows but its a deep meow...
This goes on for about an hour.
Is there something I should be worried about??
Thank You.
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I have two three year old cats that still do this. Patches always starts it and Alice joins in. I call it the kitten crazies.
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haha... my cat is 16 and she still has her moments when she'll run around like a mad man. When she gets crazy I always say she's got a hair up her butt. hehehe
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Ari will be 2 in March and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, he is now playing ring toss with a milk jug ring all over the kitchen. And I never know when he will run, jump and hang from the door frames.
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Tammy-Timmy is about a year old and she gets the 7 year old resident Maine Coon cross going l ickey split around the house. Then ChanKahli starts it too.
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Sheba still does late night freakouts occassionally and she's 18.
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My Rosie is 4 and Sophie is 2 and you can set your watch for their mad half hour on an evening!
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I call it the rips!!! Bakker has been doing this alot lately plus he bothers my 10 yr old something fierce!! Saying no doesn't seem to work either!!
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My 5 year old boy still does it. I call it the Zoomies.
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My babies are the same way, I call it running the Kentucky Derby. Barkley will start with Petunia and then she chases after him at top speed, it's actually pretty funny to see! But I am hoping that eventually Barkley will sit down and not move for awhile as his counterpart does so well
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my cat does it, when she plays on the scratching posts she will suddenly just run fast off it and sometimes fall down XD.
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