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going to try and bolt 3 discs back in there right location.,
right now, 2 are broken and one has ben been pushed out of line,
so i have some trapped nerves going down into the legs, hurst like heck to sit and walk(that why i play so much wow now)

oh well you kinda get used to the pain. in fact i perer the pain over the right leg going numb all the way
Yeah the leg going numb thing is never fun. My left leg keeps going numb. Starting tomorow I have a Physical therapist coming in to move my legs in a way that wont "disrupt" the healing of my pelvis. So I get to be tortured 3 times a day by this lady. They did it once in the hospital and it hurt 23like hell. Bagheera just ran across me. he thinks I need a 23 in there. Well I'm turning my computer off and going to sleep. I'm getting tired again. Amber fell asleep beside me so if she doesnt move around to much and jar me I wont wake her. Anyways night everyone!