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Dorian's ill :(

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I don't know who took my Dorian, or what they did with him, but I want him back!

There's white, foamy puke(or poo) on the carpet downstairs in about 6 different places. Dorian was hiding behind the chair(he always greets me). I scooped poop & noticed that someone had loose stools. I fed Ophelia & Dorian as usual in the bathroom, but Dorian didn't eat. I gave them both canned food, but Dorian refused. He jsut darted out of the bathroom & his behind the chair. I did notice a worm in the puke/poo on the carpet. The one containing a worm was different than the rest, partially digested food. I wish I knew who was puking/pooping(I also wish I was paying closer attention & noticed the worms sooner!). Anyways, Dorian is going to the vet tomorrow. I am working at the shelter & have to take in 3 spays/1 neuter at 8 am. Dorian will be coming with & he will get seen ASAP. I am going to set him up in the bathroom with a comforter of mine, a cuddle bed, a litterbox, food(wet), & water for tonight. Hopefully I can get a stool sample from him to take with tomorrow.

So, I will be getting dewormer for all 5 kitties. Right now I just wanna cry. I know Dorian's been getting thinner, but I assumed that was because he was being fed 2 meals a day, not free fed. Could worms really make him this sick? I don't want to loose him, but he has always been sick his entire life. He's FeLV-, but is constantly coming down with something!

Please send Dorian some vibes. I might leave Damita & Ophelia loose in the basement as usual & sleep with Dorian on the bathroom floor. My poor baby boy!
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Oh bless his little heart...let us know what happens I am sending healing vibes to your sweet boy! to you!!!
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Oh, I did not want to hear Dorian is sick. BUT, if it's worms, at least it can be cured pretty easily. That foamy vomit makes me worried because that's what Elsa did when she had an intestinal blockage. Make sure the vet palpatates his abdomen.
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Fingers crossed it is nothing more serious than worms.
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Lots of vibes for sweet Dorian! hope its nothing serious
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{{{}}} good vibes for Mr. Dorian today.
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for Dorian. Hopefully it's just worms causing his trouble.
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{{{{{Healthy Vibes}}}}} and good luck to Dorian. Get better soon sweetie!
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My Dorian was back this least a little. He ate a small amount of dry food overnight. He also ate about 1 oz of wet food this am. I took him to the vet & the only thing he could ifnd wrong was that he had a bit of a temp(a little over 102 F). He said to watch him to see if the fever comes down. Make sure he stays hydrated. And, of course, de-worm him! He hadn't pooped when I took him this am & I just got home with him. He's still stessed from the vet visit & sitting in a cage all day.

Of course, I didn't check this thread before I left this morning. Kluchetta, I think he palpatated his abdomen, but I was do worked up I didn't pay much attention. Dorain was sooo scared. He's going back tomorrow later int he day if he still has a fever of over 102. Then they'll do bloodwork. The vet thinks it's just worms(he was kind enough to puke one up for the vet).
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Oh I know that you are worried about sweet Dorian.
I am sending lots of healthy vibes that it was just the worms.
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His fever is down more. He poope dout bunches of worms(well, what I think is bunches). He has been playing & sqwaking & begging for some lovin'. I still feel really guilty that he got worms!
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With tapeworms, all it takes is one flea, and it's soooo easy for a flea to hitch a ride in on our clothes. You're a wonderful meowmy for recognizing that Dorian wasn't well and getting him to the vet right away.
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Poor baby!!! I'm sending get well vibes your way.I hope it's just worms and can be treated REALLY easy and quick.
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Fingers crossed for him to be better soon.
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