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Las Vegas Adventures

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This past weekend my family went to Las Vegas. It was a blast...here is how the weekend went. (We left Reno at 4a.m. and arrived in Vegas at 1p.m.)

Friday:Went grocery shopping.

Saturday:Went to little cousin's football game. Got ready for Halloween party at 3. After Halloween party went to haunted house. After haunted house seven of us went down to the strip. The strip was a lot of fun. When we were heading into the Stratosphere's parking garage some random guy decided to throw a huge rock at my uncle's rental car. It his just right above the driver's window (an inch or so lower it would have broken the window and hit my uncle, and I was right behind my uncle who was driving). We ended up having to stay at the Stratosphere until around 4 a.m. filing reports and what not (they found the guy).

Sunday: Got packed. Left around ten a.m.. Got halfway home and our car starts to make an engine rod knocking noise. The nearest place is Tonopah, 26 miles away, my dad being in the automotive business said that the car probably wouldnt make it, but we would at least have to try. (There were twelve of us in two different cars, luckly there were two cars). Now remember,we are in the middle of the desert no where! My friend and I start making comments about the movie, The Hills Have Eyes. As we are coming up on this hill we are like, we better not get stranded here...and guess what. The engine seizes and the car goes dead, right by that hill!! So needless to stay we are stranded, with no cell phone service, 6 miles from Tonopah. Luckily, the car had Onstar. Blah, Blah, Blah, my aunt's friend ends up calling AAA and a Highway Patrol Man stops. He takes whoever can't fit in the car to Tonopah and we go to Tonopah. AAA sends out a tow truck. We have dinner, and seven of the twelve head back to Reno. So me, my mom, my friend, my brother, and my cousin's god-mother (We call her Ninang) stay in Tonopah for about 4 hours waiting for my friend's dad to come rescue us. In the meantime my cold (which I had had for about 2 days) was getting worse and causing me a lot of trouble breathing. So we get home and I can barely walk into my house with out gasping for air. I try to just ignore it and can't. End up waking my mom up to take me to the Emergency Room for a breathing treatement. Didn't get home until around 5 a.m.. Even right now my chest is tight and my breathing is horrible.
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Sounds like ya'll had an awesome time!!! did you get any pictures?
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Oh no, you poor thing!!!!! Not quite the glitzy, glamorous LA weekend you were hoping for huh????

I hope you get better soon
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Las Vegas was actually pretty fun. The couple mishaps made it more of an adventure. I have some pictures. I will get them up as soon as possible.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Oh no, you poor thing!!!!! Not quite the glitzy, glamorous LA weekend you were hoping for huh????

I hope you get better soon
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Vegas would be awesome!! Sounds like you had a blast
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Gosh I never even thought that Vegas would be crazy for Halloween I always think New Yrs Eve!!
Are you feeling better now???
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Sounds like one of my family's vacations- if it can go wrong, it will glad you had fun in Vegas though, and hope you feel better soon
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I'm feeling a little better each day. My mom just had me take the week off from school. Which is nice. Here are the pictures.

My Sister and I @ 4a.m.-you can only look so glamorous.

My Chihuahua Zippy who came for the ride

Sand Mountain

Me getting my make-up done

Some bar or club with my name...

My Friend and I in front of...the Monte Carlo or something like that I think

Me in front of the Excalibur

In front of the Security Holding Center of the Stratosphere.

In Tonopah's only Casino's restaurant.
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