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what is chinchilla? does it a shell persian? and what are all the color varieties of the chinchillas?

i saw in a book a pewter persian , but i couldnt find it in the breed standard. why?
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If I am not mistaken, it's because it's not a breed. Chinchilla refers to the color of the persian.
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u right, chinchilla is a color of the persian. i know it can be silver, gold, cream, and red. are there more colors? and why SHELL CREAM = Cream Chinchilla according to CFA standard and SHELL TORTOISESHELL for example is NOT Chinchilla?
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Chinchilla is actually a ticked pattern, meaning that the base coat is silvery with the tips of whatever color as described. This color is suppose to be uniform, thats the reason your not going to find an accepted chinchilla tortie... Tortie is a mix of colors.. there would be no uniformity.
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