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Switching to a covered box

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Is it hard? I think I may want to switch to a covered box with Ceci. She is being a total brat and really making a mess everytime she uses the box. Also my box is in the bathroom and everyone that goes in sees what in it.

Are some cats resistant to it? Shes never had a covered box, her foster mom used regular boxes and before that she was a stray.

Edited to add: Shes a bit shy and really likes her privacy. If shes in the middle scratching at the litter to do her business and she hears me get up she'll run out of the bathroom. Maybe a cover would help?
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I'd say let her make the decision. Have both boxes set up and see if she eventually gets used to the new one. Having a door on the covered box makes the transition harder though.
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all of my litter boxes are covered and I've never had a problem, i like them because they contain the digging, and I have a couple DIGGERS!!! I'm with furbum though, no doors
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Maybe a really deep one will help, even without the cover(?)
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I switched everyone over to covered boxes at our house mainly because Maui flings litter everywhere

I didn't have any problems- I just got the new box all set up and put Maui inside so he would get the idea, which he did!

I do agree about the doors though. I have one box that the door fell off of & a box that still has the door.... well everyone uses the no-door box. They do still sometimes use the doored one but definitely not as much.

Good luck!
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I bought a Booda Dome and both our cats went to it right away. We have another covered box in Jennifer's room for Mika and both cats use both boxes.
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I only have covered boxes as well and I love them!
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