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Trick or treat with our nephew tonight

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Here is our little dinasour............ Jeremy had a blast, but I was telling Chris that towards the end, he was getting tired and asked me to help him say trick or treat!

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Awwww what a cutie pie!!
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He's so cute!
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omg!!! What an adorable little dinasour!!! He look soo darling!!!! / I'm totally enjoying seeing all the cute costumes and little ones that keep comming to my door
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He's adorable, I wish he came here!!!
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What a cutie!!
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Aww, hes soooooo cute!!!!!! Maybe he'd like to play with Willie!! Because Willie is crazuy right now!
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Very cute little dinosaur
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That little dinosaur is precious! You had to help me say Trick or Treat
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Raarrhhh - such a little cutie. Does he mind being so cuddly or does he want to be a scary dinosaur?
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what a cute little dinosaur!
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I had my nephew on his first Halloween..I took him indoor trick or treating at the Museum (pushed him around in his stroller all dressed up)
He was a giraffe, same kinda costume as your nephew,one that goes over his clothes.
I had a great time and it was something I'll never forget
Kids are just precious!
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Awwww sooo sweet Even with his dino-outfit he still looks a little cherub
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Thats so cute Susie, they say some silly things don't they, what did you go as ? A gnome
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
what did you go as ? A gnome
nice one Lois
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Thanks everybody..........except you Lois! Nope, didn't go as a gnome........went as an angel........ just the person that I am!
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Awww, that's the cutest dinosaur I've ever seen!
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He's a little cutie!
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That is so cute!! We took Lee's niece and nephew last night. A ninja and a witch! There were a lot of cute little kids out last ngith!!
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