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Don't give up on her, you are doing all the right things!
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Thanks Deb. I've shaken her treat can all over the place, and we've been calling her late every night. The tuna probably wouldn't be the best idea because there are skunks around here.... I don't want to catch the wrong black and white animal.

I appreciate the suggestions, though. Really, I do. I'm just so frustrated right now I'm beside myself.

PS ~ Hissy, you posted while I was writing this. Thanks for the support. I really need it right now.
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Go back to that field more than once. When I was looking for Squirt, I had to go to the place he was seen more than once before I found him.
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Thanks, Deb, I will. I'll check there every day twice a day considering that's the only lead (albeit quite a vague lead) I have so far. *sigh*
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Oh Jin,
I hope you will find Spawn! Like Hissy said, don't give up on her. Is it possible maybe someone took her in thinking she was a stray?
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I just wanted to check for good news before I go to bed. I'm sorry there wasn't any. Still sending thoughts and prayers!
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Jin - I hope that the lead you got turns out to be fruitful. You hang in there. Spawn will come home!
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Jin!!! How awful for you!! I'm adding my good thoughts and prayers to all the rest!! I soooo hope you find her love
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