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Spawn is missing....

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I went to Denver on Tuesday, and came home Wednesday. While I was gone, the S/O was supposed to watch his best friend's dog. Well, the first thing this mutt did was chase Spawn! Right out of the house and up a tree. Apparently she sat up in the top of the tree for hours, refusing to come down. My S/O finally gave up trying to get her down, figuring she'd come down on her own, and he went to bed.

The next morning she was gone. She hasn't been home since, even though the dog is gone. The S/O feels horrible (he didn't want to watch that dog in the first place, and even though his friend isn't home yet he took her back to his house and is keeping her there just in case Spawn comes back). I'm so worried about her, and no one has seen her. I've called the vet's to tell them to keep an eye out for her, and I've been trying to get ahold of the local rescue, but no one is answering yet this morning.

I waited all day yesterday for her to come home on her own.... thinking she was just scared or mad.... but nothing. I'm just sick to my stomach wondering where she is. Please pray or send good thoughts or positive energy.... or all three!... that she'll come home to me!!!!
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I'm wishing with all my heart that Spawn is safe, and comes home right away.

I feel your fear and worry, and send all good vibes your way.
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I'm sending all three your way!!!! Hopefully, Spawn will find her way back home soon!!!!
Please keep us updated!!
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Jin, I am praying that Spawn will come home soon. She might be chilling somewhere right around the house, trying to handle the trauma. I'd leave food out for her tonight and a pillow on the porch chair. All fingers and toes crossed too!
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Oh no Jin! You definitely have all my "Come Home Soon" energy coming at you and Spawn. Oh I do hope everything is OK.... Please let us know.
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OMG - I am sooooo soory to hear that ....

Please check out this site it gives you instructions on how to go about it.


Hope this helps and PLEASE keep us in the loop!

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They usually hide fairly close to home, so chances are strong that she is around. Look for her at 3:00 a.m. That is when the world is quiet and she will feel safe. Put out some clothes heavy with your scent near the tree where she scampered up so she can smell you and come home. Make fliers and pass them out to your neighbors so they can be on the look out as well. Until then, provide her with food and water outside, and put a cardboard box upside down near it with a hole in it so she can crawl in and feel safe. I am sorry she is missing, and hope you find her soon.
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Thank you for all the suggestions and support! I have already put her kitty carrier (which she's comfortable in) outside with a towel that I slept with inside, and her cat food. I've called the vet, and just got off the phone with the local rescue - they don't have her but are watching for her. I'm at work now, but the one neighbor I trust explicitly has a key to the house and will let Spawn in if she shows up.

The bad news is that we got a tip from a neighbor... our terrible, awful neighbor across the street is moving because he thinks everyone hates him (we do... he screams obscenities at his wife and children constantly outside, where we can all hear him...among various other things...) and this neighbor thinks he may have done something to Spawn. She wouldn't say why she thought that, but everyone knows I'm the neighbor he hates the most because I called the cops on him for all the screaming he did one morning. I'm so scared he did something to my kitty... I'm just literally sick.

So I'm trying to keep my mind off of that possibility, and I'm about to call the radio stations - the lady at the rescue said they will run a free ad for missing animals. I hope it works.
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I really hope Spawn is OK! I am sending prayers your way for a safe return!
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Oh Jin,

I hope that your neighbor didn't harm your cat. One thing I have learned, calling animal shelters is a no-win situation. Go there and have a look around, and leave a picture of her with the front desk with you name and phone numbers on the back. Sometimes the women who answer the phone are to busy (or sometimes to lazy) to go and look to see the new arrivals. I am praying for a safe return of your kitty.
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Oh, no. You must be sooo stressed... sending "Get Home Safely, Right NOW" energy to Spawn, and stamina to you and yours...
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I hope she comes back safe and sound. Sending positive thoughts.
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Jin, sending my "Kitty come home," thoughts your way.

Come Home Spawn!!!
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I hope Spawn comes home to you..... Crossing my fingers for you!
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Sending prayer and positive thoughts for you and Spawn.
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My heart sunk right into my stomach when I read this. I'm soooooooooooooo sorry to hear this.

I will praying so hard that Spawn comes home.
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Good thoughts coming your way for Spawn to come home safe. You must be worried to death.
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I hope she finds her way home to you quickly and safely
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I am praying for Spawn to come home quickly!
Please keep us updated on things.......
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Jin, I am so sorry. I am hoping and praying that Spawn will show up safe and sound.
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Thank you everyone, for all your thoughts and prayers!

And thank you, Calypso! It's good to see you here.

I just got off the phone with a rescuer a couple of towns over, and while she didn't have any news, she did have quite a few ideas for a Lost Kitty poster. She also had some good advice: Take the energy I'm using to worry and fret and work myself up into a weeping mess, and use it to make posters instead! Doing something constructive is better than sitting around worrying. So I'm going to try to get a poster made up that I can go copy in the morning, and then spread around the neighborhood.

I just want my kitty!
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Oh honey. I'm so very sorry. I hope that a**hole neighbor hasn't done anything to your precious one. I hope you find her safe and sound close to your house.I worry about my kitties getting out too. It is the most terrifying feeling in the world not knowing where they are. I promise, we all are worrying right along with you...My kitties and I are sending prayers to you and Spawn so that you will be reunited very soon.
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Oh Jin, I am hoping that Spawn comes home safely very quickly! Don't give up hope. She is out there somewhere!
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Jin, I'm still sending plenty of positive energy toward you and Spawn. Are there any new updates this morning?????
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No sign of Spawn this morning. I ran out to check if she had snuck in and ate some of the food I left out, but it was all still there, every bit of it.

I took the dog out for a long walk last night in the hopes that Spawn would smell one of us and follow our scent home. Apparently that didn't work. I talked to every person I saw on the way and asked them if they had seen her, and no one has. One person I talked to was out looking for his black lab. I hope he found him.

Today my energy is going into posters, and I'm going to get a few made up and posted at both entrances to the subdivision. I've recruited a couple of neighborhood kids to spread the word and help find Spawn. I've shown her picture to everyone, even people that know what she looks like, to refresh their memory. *sigh*

Please keep the prayers and good thoughts and positive energy coming. I just don't know what else to do....
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Post Spawn's picture and/or her description everywhere that you can in the neighborhood. Maybe SOMEBODY has seen her. If Spawn ran off frightened, she may have just lost her way and is hanging out in a place where she feels safe. That was what happened to Squirt when he got lost. He was still in my own apartment complex (a very large one). The lady that saw his picture in one of the laundry rooms and left a message on my machine said she had seen him hanging out with the feral cats near her apartment for 2 weeks. Sure enough, that's where I found him.

Don't give up hope yet! Maybe someone has taken Spawn in.
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Any news on poor litle Spawn? Good thoughts and many prayers to you from my house! I know you must be sick with worry, but please know we are all worrying along with you. Good Luck!!
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Add my "get home safely right NOW, Spawn!!!!" energy to the flow. I sure hope she turns up soon...
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Jin - I was just thinking of you and am hoping for good news tomorrow morning!
Try calling Spawn in the middle of the night.
Shake the kitty treat bag.
Open a can of stinky tuna or fish.
I hope these suggestions will help you. You must be heart broken now. You are not alone though, we are all rooting for a happy ending!
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The dog and I just got back from yet another long walk (about 2 or maybe even 3 miles) in another section of the neighborhood, and no one has seen Spawn. One lady said she may have seen a cat that kind of fit Spawn's description sometime late last week... although she can't remember if it was Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It was in the field behind her house which is very close to my house. So the dog and I headed in that direction, but there was NO sign of her and no one over there had seen her.

I guess if she's lost over that way at least we got our scent over there.

God this sucks. I want my kitty!!!!
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