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Obvious Chest Bone

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First I want to say sorry for my lack of posts. I registered a while ago and introduced myself and my baby - Kahuna under the topic 'First Contact'.

I have had many many problems with my computer, then lost this link.

So, on to my worry. I think that recently Kahuna's Chest bone seems to be very much more predominant. I see it most when he is sitting in 'profile' to me.

Is this an age thing (he is roughly 10)? He has been to vets very recently with no worries. OR, could this be a health issue? Or am I being an over worried mum who stares at her baby way too much? In himself he is fine and mad as ever. His tail problem seems non existant now too so nothing behaviour wise to make me fret.

Sorry to pester but I love this wee guy with all I have and more and worry probably too much.
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Maybe I should have added that any comments/tips/suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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Well my first reaction is that if the vet doesn't see anything wrong than I wouldn't worry, but my only question is: is Kahuna losing weight? that may seem to make his chest bone look more prominant, and if he is losing weight, perhaps more blood tests are in order?
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Thanks for your reply katiemae, Kahuna is not losing weight. The vet has actually said that he needs to lose some. Last vet I used who was brilliant, always commented on what a 'big boy' he was compared to most cats because he is tall and set well. (they moved to a place which is too far for us). I just cant understand how I suddenly notice his chest bone. Sorry, probably just worying too much. In 8+ yrs, I have never had a days worry till the threat of his tail amputation.
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So he's a "Big Kahuna" then?
huh, that's a stumper then, did the new vet do any x-rays? maybe he's just found a new position to sit in that makes his chest stick out?
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I have one with a 'big chest bone' that became more prominent over the years (more when he gained weight rather than losing it) - the vet said that in his case it was normal, but if it worries toy enough to mention it here, I would call your vet and have it checked out
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Thanks for the replies folks. I will mention it to the vet when I am there next week when we are there for his annual Jags. IF I can get him in his carry box that is!

Probably just me being a tad on the over reacting mum side. But better safe than sorry.
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