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Please sign this petition for the sake of Melanie the cat & all animals

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A VET was supposed to Euthanize this cat, Melanie, and instead he grabbed her by the tail and slammed her into the floor. AND HES A VET!!!!!! And he's still practicing!!!!!

I won't go into it, so just follow this link and, please, sign the petition.

Now, Donna, don't go here if you don't wanna get very upset!
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Thank you for posting. I have seen & read the posts on the " messages " section. I am completely disgusted. Human decency has sunk to an all time low. It is completely sickening.

I will be sending off letters to the Nova Scotia Board of
Veterinary Medicine, voiceing my complete dissapiontment in their lack of action taken in this case.

PLEASE, everyone, show your support for Melanie and her poor owner, who had to witness this brutal, inhumane act of complete violence. I can say no more, I am fighting back tears as I write.
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Although I tried to get into the link, it wouldn't let me. I do believe there is a board like the American Medical Association for veterinarians that you can file complaints with and very possibly have the jerk's license revoked. I'll try to see what I can come up with on my end.
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You can get to ot by going to Max's site at:

Scroll down and hit the "Sign Petition" icon. Once there, in the upper(?) left corner you'll see text blocks and one of those read "Popular Petitions". Click on those and just scroll down til' you see Melanie's OPetition.

Thats it. Oh, and definantly view the messages posted. Several of us believe Lacy (Max's murderer) posted some severe comments on the board at Melanie's site. What a jerk! But, several people responded in force to this a$$hole$ posts.

PS-The site must be down today. I can't access it either. Give it a little time.

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Tried getting to the petition via your link and via Max's page - NO LUCK!!! An eye for an eye does not sound bad at this point.......I am still speachless. I'll keep on trying to get in in order to sign.
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Something is going on, because one of the last posts on Melanie's petition was from a concerned citizen stateing the they will be contacting the FBI. Some sick individual has been replying to kind posts by say something to the effect of " I am going to go to your house, f**k with your cats,
and spread pieces of them all over town"

They have also made racial comments, and, in general, very sick, demented things. I agree with the person that said they will be contacting the FBI, because the comments from the sicko may be considerd " terroristic threats"
and I hope they track him down and nail him to the wall.

Friends, keep trying to access this petition, Melanie's cause is just as important as any other, including my little Max. I will never forget the way his precious little face would look at me with unconditional love. The way he enriched my life, the impact his murder has had on my family.

I will never forget him, I will always do my best to honor his memory, and to help those that have suffered needlessly. They always seem to pick on the innocent beings that can't fight back, what cowards!
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I have been trying to log on to Melanie's Petition, and Max's. Something is a muck. Because now, I can't even get into Little Max's Guest book. Could this scumbag have infected the site with a virus? I'm very upset. Let me say this, No matter what any crimnial does to try and cover his tracks, the truth will come out!

It is just a matter of time and perseverance. And I am not going anywhere. No threat to myself or my family will
keep us from getting to the truth. We will not be intimidated!
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GO GIRL!!!!!!!! You said it. I doubt that it was a virus. Probably just a regular screwup. Give it a few days.
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Hi guys. I'm new here, and this is my first post. A couple of you already know me, though. I, too, have been trying to access the petition website since sometime yesterday but can't. It probably *is* just a glitch. It's happened one time before though it didn't last nearly this long.

Keep trying to access it. It's important that people sign this petition. I know it's frustrating--it is for me, too. But it's worth a little frustration to help put this scumbag where he belongs--behind bars.

"Stand Up For Kitties!"
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I really think this vet needs to have his head examined (and I would suggest some other things to do with his head as well! )

I can't access the petition either. I'll try and contact the site owners to see what the problem is.

I wouldn't rule out te possibility of a hack! This disturbed person that spammed the message boards could have hacked the site or at least have someone hack it for him!
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The whole site is down. I've emailed the owner of the domain and I'll let you know if I hear anything.
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Anne, Donna, Meowman, Cat & Friends,

Melanie's & Max's petition is back online, I'm not sure what the problem was, however I think people need to take a look at what some very sick individuals have written & the threats that were posted by some coward that seems to hate cats. It is very disturbing to read that humanity is capable of harboring so much hatred for another being.

I am deeply saddened by this. I hope we all pull together
as a show of support for Melanie, My Max, and the poor sweet angels that have been shot. Please don't turn away because it upset's you. I have thought about giving up once or twice, and then I think of my sweet, little Max, lying
in pain and anguish, unable to move or cry out for help.
The hours I called for him. Part of me died with him that day.

We need to try and put a stop this this, one case at a time. Thank you all, again for your kind words and just for being there, when I needed to share my grief.

Thank you.
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Yeah, it's back on and it was just a technical problem with the server (so the site owner informed me).

The messages are awful, it I were the owner of the petition I'd ask for them to be removed altogether. They are not worthy of poor Melanie's memory.
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I agree, Anne, the messages are disgusting. Either some of these individuals are truly sick, or they enjoy inciting others with their inflamatory remarks as some sort of joke. I wouldn't even stoop to responding to them. That seems to be just what they are looking for.
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It disgusts me that doctors stick together. It is a known fact. That's why he only got a slap on the wrist. It is also true of lawyers.

My hunch is that the Melanie incident is the only incident where this piece of garbage with the title DVM after his name was ever CAUGHT at. I'll bet my new car that he's done this before.

If I were Melanie's owner, I'd sue the pants off the jerk. Hit him where it hits most doctors, IN THEIR POCKETS!
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Wow... well I signed the petition and then made the mistake of reading the posts. It is unbelievable how uneducated those people are. The language and hatred that poors out of that site is unbelievable. Too bad that Melanie's memory has to be smeared over with smut talk and such negativity.

Anne... I am so thankful to belong to this site, where the word of Love and compasion is expressed over and over. Thank you to everyone here for loving and caring and for being so educated that it makes talking easy!
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Except, my above post wasn't the most intelligent. I just get so upset and angry over animal abuse and very much so when it's a cat. In fact, I apologize for it. But, those idiots should pay with their life as far as I'm concerned. It just hurts me so much to see that kind of pain on little furballs.
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I agree with Donna. Why doesn't the owner sue the vet? I thought this was the common practice in the US - to sue over such things? And yes, I'm sure he has done this before. If you ask me, this was probably his sadistic way of saving money of anasthesia...

And as for the kind of messages posted there. Well, this is why this is a moderated forum. If any cat hater tries to spam this place, I would block off his IP.
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I went in after I signed the petition and read some of the posts. I was appalled at the language! I think they webmaster needs to delete the ones that are pretty profain. It doesn't help the situation any and to me, tarnishes Melanie's memory. The petition is there for a reason, to help get this doctor off the streets, not for such name calling and prejudice.
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I think we finally managed to scare off the cat hater. He hasn't posted since the 11th. It would surprise me very much if he posts there again.

The people and cats who have suffered such terrible tragedies such as what has happened to Melanie, Max and Amelia are having to be strong enough to deal with so much already--the people having to live with their grief and all the emotions that go with it, and the poor little kitties who have suffered fear, pain, agony and terror, and even death. Having to deal with crap like those posts is something that should not happen.
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I did sign the petition tonight.It is awful that any person who could do that would make money pretending it's for the animals.
I would like to add though, that It was WRONG of the owner to euthanize an animal because of a neighbors threats. If he is so loving and compassionate why did he choose to end their lives rather than trying to keep them indoors? I have seen feral cats moved to a safer location before. I am sure there was a much better option than DEATH.
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I agree, Sandie. If my cats were being threatened, I would of #1 KEPT THEM INSIDE THE HOUSE. And #2 Called the police.

But this story is just so darn sad... I signed that petition.
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I signed your petition. I can't believe someone like this is allowed to continue practising! I am disgusted.
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