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I decided to get another cat so Emmett would have a friend. I hope things work out once they are used to each other. Emmett doesn't seem happy about the whole thing.

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S/he sure is gorgeous!!
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Rocky has a nice little face..I hope Emmett learns to love him! Good luck in kindling their future friendship!
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Rocky is adorable I had a cat names Rocky once!!! I hope they get along eventually!!
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Im sure they'll be best buds soon. Rocky is such a sweet looking kitty.
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Congratulations on your new addition, Shauna!

Rocky is gorgeous! I'm sure Emmett will come round soon and they'll be playing all the time!
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Amazingly it only took about 2 days. There is still a little hissing now and again from Emmett, but over all they seem to like each other. I think I'll keep him
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Glad to hear that things are going well!!!
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Things didn't work out. Emmett started using the tub as a litter box and he stopped eating for a bit. Rocky has left today. He was a nice cat, but he's going to a new home now.
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Sorry to hear it didn't work out. Hope all goes well at Rocky's new home.
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