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Jesse James

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I lost my baby today. Jesse James was not even two years old yet. He snuck outside the other day and after endless calls and walks through the neighborhood, and a lot of lost sleep we found him on the side of the road early this morning. I am heartbroken. I need to call his breeder and let her know, but I am dreading that call. He was my baby. He just had too much wild blood in him (high percentage F2 Chausie) he was always soooo quick to get out the door without you even seeing him escape. He was my dream cat. I have always wanted a Hybrid and he was amazing. For the past two weeks I have been warning the kids not to let him get out no matter what this time of year (he was all black). I had this gut feeling something bad could happen to him today. I never dreamed of this. Last night I was up until 1:00am looking for him and then again this morning at 5:00am.

I told the kids tonight. They were a little sad, but this cat was an "adults" cat. He was soooooooo cool. He made us smile each and every day we got to spend with him. We just can't stop crying. I am not sure how you ever forgive yourself for not being fast enough or smart enough to catch a cat who refuses to be caught. I blame myself for this. I was supposed to love and protect him. I got the love part right, but I failed my baby.

Please say a prayer for Jesse James that he didn't suffer and is in a better place.

My other cats seem depressed. I am not sure if they know what happened or just sense the sadness in us.

My heart aches so bad to just hear his deep purr one more time and feel him lick my hair while I am trying to fall asleep.

I am just so lost tonight but trying to keep it together so the kids can enjoy Halloween
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I am so so sorry aobut your loss.... I hope and pray Jesse didnt suffer but I do know he is happy now...
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace and play Jesse James. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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The gate to Rainbow Bridge are open for you now Jesse James, so run fast across it sweetie because your new friends are there waiting to take you to your new home

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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Jesse James.
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I am so sorry. I know just what you mean when you feel guilty because you can't protect them, it is what I am suffering from most. But we can't, and we can only do whatever is in our power at the time. It always seems to be the best who are taken first. RIP Jesse James.
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RIP Jesse James.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Jesse James. That is my daughter Jessica's nickname!

He sounds like an incredible kitty. He knew true love for his short time here. He is in a safe place now, where he can explore and live the life of a little panther.

Rest in peace, Jesse James.
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I feel so bad for you and your family. Too young to die for Jesse James.

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