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4 sweet boys....

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Here are my sweet boys again

First Precious He didn't want to sit still so only one pic

Aura with his sweet freckles on his nose :


This is his ''I love you meowmy'' look :

Together with Binky:

Binky :

His paw :

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Everyone of your furbabes are just gorgeous!!!
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Oh my they are so beautiful!!!
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I agree with everyone........gorgeous boys!!!
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Oh look at them they are all just beautiful I really like Aura he's stunning well they all are now aren't they Great Pictures also
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Gorgeous babies! Binky is a great model and worked the camera!!! hehe
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Excellent portraits. Your cats look very stately.
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They are all just gorgeous!
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your boys are beautiful!
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Such gorgeous photos!!! What beautiful kitties - I especially love Imsadi!

And Binky's paw is so cute!
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You have gorgeous babies. They all have such stunning eyes!! I think I shall cat-nap them.
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Oh my word!, theres those little stunners again!
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