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Friday DT

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It's HOT here today. I'm so happy about that. Am tired today, as had a big row with him indoors yesterday evening, and drank a bottle of wine. So I suppose that's more hung over than tired.

Tired sounds better.

I nearly posted this long, drawn out, self-indulgent post last night, but you'll be pleased to know that sense prevailed over red wine and I deleted it all. Phew.

Tomorrow we're taking both Mums (Hubb's mum has just turned 80, and mine's not far behind), to lunch in a Conran 'cantina' in London by Tower Bridge and then onto the London Eye (the big wheel with pods opposite Big Ben). Finally, we're taking them on a Thames river cruise.

I went up on the eye a couple of years ago, and I have to say, it's the best visitor attraction we have. Good job it's going to stay - originally it had jut been granted a licence for 5 years.

I'm really looking forward to it, I just feel revived whenever I go into London (city chick).

Weather's gonna be HOT too, so visibility will be mega.
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It's so HOT here and I'm NOT happy about that. Geez, what's the fun in melting and looking red all the time! This humidity is killing me! Winter please come already!

And it's not fair with the weather, in our neighbour country Germany, they are fighting against major floods. They could use this sun shine there and the heatwave. Please, keep germans in your thoughts (and few other european countries too, are having these floods) today. Sent them some sunshine!
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Yep its pretty darn hot here too!! YEY!!! I don't mind today because I'm in a good mood (its FRIDAY!!) and I have all the doors open with a lovely breeze coming through!! Mmmmm now, if I can just think of a way to take my desk and phones outside on the lawns.... Hmmm... haha
Well, hubby is going into hospital today for an operation on his toes (two very gross majorly ingrowing toenails... ICK!!! had them for almost two years now!!! )so he'll no doubt be crippled when I get home tonight!! Bless... still, I set the bedroom up for his "convalesance"(:laughing2) fluffed pillows and lots of movies and computer games.... hopefully that will stop him complaining!!
An hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have a lounge to sit in!! Well, almost.... gotta have the carpet fitted yet.... sigh.. someday...
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Well I feel icky! I almost didn't come into work today, but we are backlogged. I have a slight fever and a sore throat and I am dizzy. (Why I have a fever and a sore throat on an extremely hot day, I don't know). I might leave early and try to get a doctor's appointment. I won't be posting much today so I thought I would just say hello and then get back to work. I hope everyone else is doing well. If I feel better tomorrow, we will go to a race track to better on the ponies and play the slot machines. We have a track 5 minutes from our house, but we are going to our fav an hour and a half away. It should be fun! Only prob is the horses I pick consistantly come in last - there should be a prize for that!
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Woke up WAY too early: 5:30 a.m. I don't have to be at work until 12:30 and its a 10-hour shift, today. I will be wiped out, tonight!

I stumbled into the bathroom, first thing and found the wastebasket overturned. Straightened that up and proceeded through the living room and found a t.p. core and shredded t.p., there. Picked that up, to toss in the kitchen trash. Got my first cup of coffee and headed for the patio, for a smoke. In the Arizona room, the piece of mail, from my bank was shredded. (At least, I won't worry about anybody getting my new PIN .)

Ike was outside, Opie was sound asleep, on a chair and Rowdy was sitting in the middle of the shredded paper, looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

Have a good one, all!
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Hey Cindy looks like old Rowdy lived up to her name then!!

It wasn't her in that Cation pic recently with all the scraps of paper around her was it?
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No, Rowdy was the one sleeping with all of the stuffed animals.
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I'm so happy that Amber's here; it's hard to concentrate on anything else! Yola, how we envy you. I'd love to visit England. You know my relatives are over there, but there's also all the history! Isn't it just like us human beings to like the new, though? I'd like to see Parliament, the Tower of London, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge, then go on a tour to Stonehenge and some of the castles, including Tintagel! And then go to Exeter and Bradninch and see where my father grew up. Oh, we always want what the other guy has!!
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Well, I am just about to leave work for the day. My co-worker was nice enough to switch Friday's with me so I can have this afternoon off. We are hoping to get a some boxes moved this afternoon, then pack up the rest tonight so it is ready for the truck tomorrow. The kitties are a bit anxious today. They know something big is going to happen, and that they probably won't like it. I'm sure they will be fine. It's funny, last time we moved we took them to the new place (before we moved our stuff), set up food, water and litter and that was about it. They did fine, were out exploring that evening. This time, we are all freaking out about what all we need to have for them...blankets, toys, perhaps the cat tree, classical music softly in the background. I mean, we are just almost getting stupd with it.

Well, I'm off to move. Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Try Mozart, Heidi. It is not only calming to people and animals; it also temporarily raises your IQ several points for a short period of time. The Classical period ( from Bach's death to early Beethoven) has always been thought of as intelligent music-in its form and elegance. However, tests a few years ago by experts indicated the IQ increase. Too bad it's not cumulative! We could converse with our kitties!
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Nothing going on here today, except for 2 more interviews. One is for another position available with that cabinet manufacturer that I went on an interview for 2 weeks ago; the 2nd is to register at another employment agency that sounds promising, or so I hope. Its for a receptionist position for a mortgage company, but on the job descrption it says within in year, you move into a loan processor position! It's a little out of my way, if I were to get it, but I look at it as a stepping stone.
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Its been CRAZY here at work all day long. This morning we were having network phone problems which affected a ton of other phone lines coming in and going out of our building. No one within the office could dial out of the state and no one could call in directly to someone or access the voicemail system. Then I had tons of employees calling me to tell me that the phones didn't work and whats wrong with them. Like I already know that they aren't working and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT OR WHEN IT IS GOING TO BE FIXED!!! I'm not miss AT&T here. And also everyone who was calling for software support and tech support was getting me because their 800 number wasn't working. It was like 10 times busier for a Friday and usually its totally dead on Fridays mostly. Thanks for letting me vent. Now I leave in about 15 mins to go home. Yeah! :daisy: Have a good weekend everyone!
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