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For those who scoop

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How often do you completely throw out the litter and start fresh? I feel like I'm waisting litter but it disgusts me if I can't scoop all of the little pieces out that are clumped but fall through the scooper.
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Im dumping my second batch of litter at 3 weeks but only because the smell makes me gag and im moving to new.

It really annoys me also when I cant get the tiny pieces out so what I do is put them is sift them to the top and grab a plastic spoon and fish them out
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About once a month. I don't have a problem with little pieces slipping through the scoop - I have 2 scoops and the one with small holes in it gets most things up! Not that the clumps break up much anyway. When I'm due to throw away the litter and start again I let it run as low as I can get away with so that I'm not throwing away too much.
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I change the entire box every three to four weeks, but I'm using Nature's Miracle, that is an excellent odor-stopper. They recommend every four weeks with regular 'top ups' to freshen the box.

I'd change the litter if you can smell something. And if you are using clay, it should be changed once a week. The organic litter is much more cost effective.
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For me it depends on how often they use it. The litter box we have in the bathroom is used a few times a day, so I probably change that one completely every 3-4 weeks, or whenever I can smell it. Another one is used maybe every other day, so the litter lasts longer.
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To be honest, I probably dump mine out and start completely over every 1.5 to 2 months. I only have one cat and I've never had an issue with smell or anything. I top it off regularly with extra litter when it starts getting low and when I do that I sprinkle in more Arm and Hammer deoderizer too.
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I have 4 cats and 4 litterboxes (soon to be 5, when I remember to fill up the new one in the basement ) and since my cats are indoor/outdoor, I have to totally dump mine about every 2 months, when it finally loses its odor control .
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Even though the box doesn't smell, I dump mine every other week because I just can't deal with it not being immaculately clean. I scoop every day and I have really good litter and the cat is fine, but I include a thorough cleaning when I do the other heavy duty cleaning around the apartment. I am probably wasting litter. I had to stop myself doing it every week, and frankly, I think once a month would probably be OK but I can't bring myself to let it go that long. Because my apartment has a limited amount of space to put a litter box, it is in a room that gets alot of use and it just seems to the thing to do.
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I scoop Bailey's litter box out 2-3 times a day. I change her litter every 2-3 weeks whenever it runs a low. I never top her litter off with new litter. I dump the used litter and give her litter box a thorough cleaning with a mild soap and orange scented Pine Sol before I add fresh litter. One box of litter will last about one month, if I'm careful.
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I change out the litter completely when starts to get stinky and/or when it's several shades darker than the new litter I mix in. That's usually about every 3-4 weeks, and that's three cats using two boxes.
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what litter are you all using? I am using Fresh step clay and then I add the fresh step Crystals in.. they seem to really help with odour control I dump the litter once a week and scour the boxes
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Originally Posted by Jaclyn4238 View Post
what litter are you all using? I
I used Tidy Cat's scoopable litter. I also use the Arm and Hammer Odor Control
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i scoop 2-3x a day. we're using the grocery store brand unscented scooping litter. it works as well as petsmart's house brand, but is $2.50 for 15lbs. it's also finer grained like arm & hammer unscented scoop. i'm thinking of trying some of the nature's miracle litter soon, though. i'm going to see if our wal-mart carries it this weekend. i also heard on another board "Fresh Results" natural litter at wal-mart is made by Nature's Miracle (i.e. it's the same litter). the poster who wrote that stated she called the NM company and they told her that.
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Is the main reason for totally changing the litter a matter of odor control, or sanitary issues for the cats?

I change mine about once a month, just because I start feeling guilty if I don't. I really haven't noticed that much of an odor (I scoop at least twice a day, more if I'm home when they use it).
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Usually once every two weeks.
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What kind of litter do you use those of you with 4+ cats? Because I ahve four- And I was using Small spaces cat litter- and it did work- However now that I have 4- DOESNT WORK AT ALL!! And I need something that will help me calm the scent! I sift often but the small spaces just doesnt seem to cut it down at all anymore!
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with 2 cats/2 litter boxes we clean it twice a day and then whenever it smells we dump it out and start fresh, we use Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat with the deodorizer as an extra. It seems to work good.
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I usually startover once a month as well.
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We change them completely and wash/disinfect the boxes every 3-4 weeks
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Originally Posted by kituppy View Post
What kind of litter do you use those of you with 4+ cats?
I have 4 and we use World's Best cat Litter - it is quite expensive (per lb/kg) but it lasts for ages and none of them have any issues with it
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i have 4 cats & 3 littermaid boxes. they use 2 of them most of the time. i use mostly either tidy cats, fresh step or arm & hammer clay scoopable in them.
i've never completely emptied the boxes & washed them. i check them every day, for areas where the rake didn't get everything, etc. i do spot cleaning when needed...but i never notice any odor unless the containers are full & need dumping [or unless someone has just gone #2 ]. so i've never seen the need for it.
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