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Kitten using plant as bathroom

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My kitten has taken up the habit of playing and sometimes using one of my plants as her litterbox just recently. he is good about using the litterbox so i am not sure why this is.

What would be the best method of getting her out of this habit?

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is it planted in lots of nice, soft earth?

try using a large childrens toy box filled with nice, sandy litter as a litter tray as it will give you kitten something to really dig and bury in.

as for the plant, put large decorative river stones over the soil and she will no longer be able to dig around and poop or pee in it.
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We had that problem with a cat we used to have (RB). Stones (or marbles) placed over the dirt in the pots helped to a great extent, but what really stopped her was plastic "pot protectors", actually concentric plastic circles that you can cut to fit the pot and plant. Try a garden center for them.
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I use something called CatScat which are plastic spikes that stand up from the soil to deter the cats from getting into the pots. They work especially well in large potted plants (I have quite a few at home.)

You can get them from the Gardener's Supply Company online.
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Yes it is planted in pretty soft soil. SHe is making a mess of it. It is drving us nuts. I will try to add some large stones or get that plasitc cover.
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Ugh! I used to have a cat that did that. I tried everything to get her to stop, but when I came home I always found dirt shovelled out onto the rug and my plant finally died.

Since then I just have plastic or silk plants, LOL
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It's a common problem, and you can't blame the cat (that is what earth is for!) only deter her. Till you get to a garden centre you can cut your own circles out of cardboard, a bit like an e-collar for a cat ( I actually used one of those once to protect a plant) or tape a plastic bag around the plant covering all the earth but leaving a small hole to water it through.
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I tried everything to stop my kitten doing this : cat repellent, vinegar, big stones (just dug them up too), black pepper......finally I put tinfoil over the pot. Cats hate tinfoil, Boots hasn't touched the plant since!
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For right now, i have stuffed 2 small towels in there. That seems to work. The cat is sure a little terror though. Attacking is her game right now. Non stop! That and a fascination with the toilet.
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