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Lilac Burmese

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I have a chance of a lilac burmese girl (who is now neutered), from a breeder for a fee price. Lovely temperament and is 2 and a half years old.

Does anyone have a lilac burmese, and would they care to share a pic or two?
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I can't help you out, but it seems that you'll find the non-sable burmese more in Europe rather then the States. I've only seen pictures from English, etc. cats that were lilac, cream, tortie, etc. They do look kinda cool looking - shame that it hasn't really "caught on" in America.

Post pictures if you adopt the kitty
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They are gorgeous kitties! I dont own one but here is a picture of a very gorgeous Lilac Burmese

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Aww thanks! Beautiful aren't they? Now I have a bit of a dilemma.

I am going to visit an Aby breeder on Sunday, to meet cats and kittens.
I then plan to go and visit the breeder with the lilac burmese, as I am unsure
of what breed, and also whether to get a cat or a kitten!!!!

I think meeting the kitties will make my mind up for me!
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As a person who has both Abys and Burmese, it will be a hard pick! It really does depend on which temperament you prefer...and my best advise is let the cat/kitten pick you! I wouldn't be surprised if you come home with both!
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BTW sorry, I didn't reply earlier, I just lost my Burm recently and I still miss him!
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Aww thanks Abymummy for your replies! Sorry to here about your burmese.

Can you share any piccies with us?
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