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I just got a new kitten, Junior (2 months), and my Older cat, Patches (6 months) keeps hissing at him. We just got the new kitten the other night and they have been constantly hissing. We haven't let them get to close to each other. I am worried Patches will never accept the new one. She hasn't liked any other cats either. My friend came over with one of her cats and she wanted nothing to do with the other one. What am I to do?
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Please try to be patient. Believe me, they WILL get along. It just takes time. If you check this site over, there are some threads that can give you much good information on how to introduce.

By the way, welcome to TCS from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I've tried everything. The purfume, the catnip/treats. I've kept them locked away for a week and still nothing. They hate each other.
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Are they both males or both females? Oh I see, one is a girl and one is a boy?
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Congrats on your new kitty. Most cats can learn to get along with each other, provided they are introduced correctly. As your older cat is only 6 months, there's a very good chance they will get on fine and enjoy playing with each other. It's perfectly normal for cats to hiss at a newcomer - even if it's just a kitten, their territory has been invaded and they are bound to feel a bit stressed by it. Hissing is also a normal way by which she will tell your new kitten what is acceptable and what isn't. So long as they aren't hurting each other, I wouldn't worry about hissing.

This thread has advice on how to introduce cats properly

btw - has Patches been spayed? If not she needs to be done asap otherwise she will become very territorial and may not accept a newcomer.
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She is going to get spayed soon. But I've broght Patches over a friends house and Patches Attched the other cat and he lived there.
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junior - it's all about territory, and which cat owns it! Your friend's cat 'owns' his territory and will guard it as much as he can. Your older cat owns your house, and the kitten's an invader to him, but after a while (a couple of wks usually), they start to get along and accept the new ones.
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Ok let me rephase that my friends cat Oliver was attacked in his own house by Patches
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It sounds like Patches is a very dominant cat. She should calm down once she's spayed, but I think you will have problems until she's done.
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Sorry you are having troubles. Honestly they are probably picking up on your anxiety. Rightly so you have to look out for the safety and best interest of both your kitties. Our cat Tigger reacted in much the same way when we tried to introduce a kitten 2 years ago (he was 4 years old then, he is now 6). He physically/aggressively attacked the kitten and we thought it best to find the kitten a new home which we did. We kept them apart and maybe it's just our circumstance but keeping them apart, at least in my opinion was worse than probably just letting them be. We just got a kitten and we immediately (after having her checked out) put them together. Tigger is very dominant and to keep something strange locked away was too much for him. He is very annoyed and he does show her who is boss but at almost a week together they are both dealing. Give it some time, take the advice from others on this board but in the end do what your heart tells you is right, only you truly know what is best for your household and your kitty. Best of luck.
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Now I have them in separate rooms, but neither cat likes the smaller room and wont sstop crying. I feel bad and now I don't know what to do. I put toys treats food water and a litter bo in each room, and I switch rooms every so often so neither cat has to stya in the small room. I just don't know what to do about the crying. It drives me up a wall
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How soon can you get Patches spayed? What I would do would be to keep them separate until then, then re-introduce them slowly according to the instructions in the thread I linked to above.
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I agree with what the other posters said, it just takes time.
We have three cats...two of them are Sisters and we got them at the same time.
Two years later, I came across Annabelle dodgeing cars just down the street from my she became a member of the family.

Lizzie, the bigger of the Sisters took to her right away...Gracie, who at 6 years old is still a tiny little girl and the "Princess" of the house hated the sight of Annabelle.

We kept Annabelle in a room by herself when she first came home and then everyday we let her out with the other cats...first for an hour, then for two hours...everyday increasing the number of hours she was with the other cats.
It took a few weeks, but eventually Gracie excepted Annabelle.
I did spend time each and everytime Annabelle was out of her room reassuring Gracie that she was still my little "Princess" and nothing was going to change that.
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Last nice I decided to go for the treat thing again. Its working great. They both sat net to each other while eating their treats and neither hissed or growled. BUT once the treats were finished Patches bated at him. I don't understand it. I want them to get along so badly, because it is hard to hear one in the bathroom crying to get out.
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Originally Posted by Junior View Post
Last nice I decided to go for the treat thing again. Its working great. They both sat net to each other while eating their treats and neither hissed or growled. BUT once the treats were finished Patches bated at him. I don't understand it. I want them to get along so badly, because it is hard to hear one in the bathroom crying to get out.
You really have to be patient. It doesn't always happen as quickly as we humans would like but it will happen. Just give them time and don't try to force the situation.
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I know But my hubby is really starting to get annoyed with the cat crying in the bathroom. Im glad they are not as bad as they were before but I hope time flies for us cause Nathan isnt to happy with the situation.
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Ok now I have another question. I've looked all over the site and still cannot find an answer. My two cats are finnally getting along with each ther or at least I think they are. Patches has been letting Junior get close to her she doesn't growl or hiss but she keeps batting him and chasing him. Is this just play or is she still protecting her territory?
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She's trying to keep her personal space personal! Female cats don't always realize a male cat is neutered (I'm sorry I didn't see if yours was or not) but she wants to keep him at bay just in case, and keep her places to herself.
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I've seen him chase her and She is twice his size its so cute. He isn't neutered neither of them are fixed. We don't have the money but we are saving up. They chase each other and wrestle but neither hiss or growl. Nathan doesn't think they are playing this early in their relationship. I don't know what is going on.
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If all they are doiong is hissing, swatting, chasing, even growling and "fighting" is alright. That is TOTALLY normal. I guarentee the vast majority of cats do this. They are FINE. Bloodshed is when you need to worry. I think they will be fine, just leave them be. You really need to get the girl spayed becuase that will make a huge difference. Plus, when she goes off for the day to be spayed, she is going to come back home smelling completely different and you may be back at square one again (have to reintroduce them all over again). You MIGHT, not necessarily.

But seriously, they are fine. My cats have been together for years and they still get into each others space and growl, hiss, swat, chase and even "fight" once in awhile. If they took treats right next to each other they are fine. Keep doing this everyday. Play with them together.

Also, expect a "fight" from them too because at some point they will need to determine who is alpha in the household.
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Few cats are inclined to accept a strange cat immediately. Time and patience will do the trick in most cases.
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I got so ecited last night. Me and my hubby had let the cats just fight it out but we kept a cose eye just incase it got to rough about two hours later after we finished watching our movie we couldn't find the cats. We finally found them together or the kitty sofa curled up together. Both me and Nathan were so happy.
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