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New kid on the block

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Hey y'all,

I am Janis, better known to my beloved Lucky as Lucky's mom.

I named him that for a few reasons, one because he is a black cat, and he has been a very good boy at not running out the door for the past week. Tomorrow he gets to go out and play again. The second reason I named him Lucky is because he is very lucky to have me for his momma. He was a feral kitten st Stone Mountain Park Georgia, his mother was hit by a car while she was taking the kittens from their birth place to their growing up spot. When the people stopped to hlep all the other kittens ran away and left Lucky there alone. He would not let go of his mother's body. It was all they could do to pry him off of her. They said it was the most pitiful moment of their lives and they knew they had to find him a good home. They called my boss who relayed the story to me and through many tears I drove to get him. He imprinted on me. To him I am his mother. He nurses on my ear, and now that he is grown, he will be three in December, his tongue cuts me to pieces, but I let him. It makes him feel better. He is one of the smartest cats I have ever had. He listens and obeys. He understands what I say. He talks and answers when appropriate and he fetches like a dog. Only more consistant than a dog. He loves the round thingies off milk jugs. He had 18 of them at one time. Now he is down to four. he will fetch with anyone.

He got to ride a greyhound bus from Atlanta to Phoenix, and ride in a plane from Phoenix to Redding. He is an official certified ADA service animal. He has papers and he truly is an emotional support animal for me. When I get emotional, he comes right to me, he puts his paw in my hand. He is a living doll.

So hey everyone. That's some of how I got Lucky.

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Hi Janis, and welcome to TCS Thank you for sharing Lucky's very touching story It sounds like you have an extraordinary boy there!

If you have any questions, or you need help finding your way aorund the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Thanks. It seems like a great site. How is Mexico? I lived in Arizona for a short time, but did not make it to Mexico?


PS When I can, I will post pictures of my beloved little son, Lucky. Bonito el gatto!!
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Lucky says thanks for a way for him to make new friends. he loves other kitties and peopleses. Very outgoing.

He went out today for the first time since the middle of October, and it's raining out, so chicken paws came in.....bless his heart.

thanks for having me. I am sure I can learn a lot.

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Hi and welcome to TCS.

Thank you so much for sharing Luckys brought tears to my eyes.
He sounds like a wonderful little guy and he sure has a wonderful Mommy.

My Gracie also loves those things from the milk containers...she likes to keep them in the bathtub for some odd reason
I move them and 10 minutes later she has them all back in the tub!!
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Miss Gracie sounds like my cat. Lucky will play with these ringies then when he tires of fetching he plays with them alone. He hides them and brings them out when he wants to play again. And he goes into the tub too. Wanders in there like he's asking himself, what does she do in here????????

He is a good boy. He lets me clip his claws with a nail clipper.

How old is Gracie?
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Dear Janis:

That's quite a story. When I was small, my fur-brother Kikko came to me over our back fence; we later found out from neighbors that he'd been found first in the street in back, clinging to his Siamese mom, who was struck down and left by some callous hit-and-run driver. We adopted the little black longhair immediately, and he was my constant companion through thick and thin. Now, I am servant to nine rescued, indoor-only, spayed/neutered felines, and feel so fortunate to be able to keep everyone inside and SAFE for life. Although I love all cats of all species and colors and types, I must admit to a particular weakness for the little black ones, who in my estimation are among the most gorgeous of all cats.
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I am quite attached to my baby boy. He does like to go outside and play. When I lived in Pine Lake Ga, I let him go out with his sisters. One day I called him and noticed a van driving really slowly around the corner and saw Lucky in front of the van running like the devil was chasing him. He saw me and ran ran up into my arms. He does not go near cars. He listens and steers clear. He is neutered though. He has no idea what his pee pee is for, and I intend to keep it that way.

I would adopt more if I could but money is tight and vets cost money. I haven't found a good one here yet. I like the old fashioned country doctors. The one I had in Ga was like that, he saw me through four cats before Lucky. Birth to death. Even let me have part of Lambchop's tail, the fluffy part to keep. He had a stroke. And yes he looked like the puppet Lambchop. Deaf as a stone. He knew mommy sign language though.

This is a great sight....
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Originally Posted by iamluckysmom View Post

How old is Gracie?
Gracie is 6 years old, she has at times stacked four or five of them perfectly on top of each other right over the drain in the tub..she's a furry little odd ball that's for sure.

We have her sister Lizzie and also another (formally stray) named Annabelle.
I love them all to death and try my very best not to play favorites...but I have to admit the second I saw Gracie's face she had my heart
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Welcome to TCS
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Aw honey, I am so sorry you lost your Bella. 13 is a good long time for kitties, she was just wore out. Are you gonna get another one, you know our past kitties go and pick out a new one special just for us, my kitties all did. Paw approved pets...... Lucky sends his condilences...
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Sure agree 100% with Lucky's Mom's post! On all points...
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