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why don't they meow?

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Quick question: My two fairly vocal cats (one is VERY vocal and the other is semi-vocal so I figured averaged together they're fairly vocal) will wander into a closet while the door is open and end up getting the door closed for various amounts of time, but they don't cry or meow to get out! We'll start looking for a missing cat, calling their name, shaking the treat can, NO NOISE! And it seems to be mainly the closets...if they get locked in the bathroom (during their bathtime) with one of us or out of a room where we are, they'll whine and yowl until we're about to go crazy. So why don't they cry to get out of the closet?
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They're HIIIding :-)! It's dark in the closet, like a lion's den, so to them it's cool, and special, not like the dumb old bathroom that has no good smelling clothes or stuff in it, and no dark places to pounce from... mine are the same way! But it doesn't last forever, they will eventually want to come out unless they think it's dangerous, but you have to be pretty careful not to go away and forget to check closets first to be sure no one's inside - or just count cats before you leave.
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Yup, now we pretty much have to do a cat check anytime we're getting ready to leave.
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My Gracie hides in the closet in our bedroom any chance she gets.

One time she was in there for hours before I realized it...I knew something was up when her sister Lizzie parked in front of the closet door and woulnd't move until I picked her up and moved her..I opened the door and there was Gracie sound asleep in the back of the closet.
She looked up at me, yawned and walked out of the closet as if to say "Mom, why did you have to wake me up?"

So now everytime we open the closet door, we do a "Gracie check" before we shut it!
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Ling only meows if she wants to be found! Otherwise you can call and call and she won't answer you.....
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Oh I have locked my cats in the closets before. One cat who is all black I rarely can see if she is sleeping in there. Soemtimes hours will go by and I will finally open the closet door and she will come wandering out, stretching and looking all sleepy.

If they get locked in the bathroom they will clear off the shelves to get my attention. If I hear loud crashing and banging and I know someone got locked in the bathroom.
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One time Lucy shut herself in the mud room and there wasn't a peep out of her. Much on the other hand meowed continuously at the door until we let Lucy out.
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The only time Radar comes if I call him is when I am holding his food bowl

But he loves to hear me calling him, knowing that I will go looking for him and then he can POUNCE! with paws waving in the air from wherever he was hiding and laying in wait for me to walk past

He never miaows when I call him - it would spoil the fun of the POUNCE!
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