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My cat wont shut up!

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My cat Copcar will not stop meowing. He just runs around the house meowing ALL DAY long. Hes really driving me crazy. He doesnt seem like he's meowing for any reason either he has food and water and knows where it is. I try to pet him but he runs off and keeps meowing. Is there any way I an make him stop doing this? Please help me if I cant get him to stop im gonna have to take him to the pound. I really cant take this anymore. Hes a great cat other then the meowing but this is getting crazy.

plz help me
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He's looking for another cat, any cat, someone he can relate to! If he's not neutered, he should be, as meowing will be the least of your worries, if he is, then he needs a friend - can you manage another one?
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Some cats are just naturally more vocal that others. You've got a talker! I like his name - is he part Siamese? I hear that they are the most vocal.
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Hi Nick ~ Try not to give up on Copcar (what a great name!) I have a vocal cat too. I've had her for 4 months now. Just like GingersMom said, you may just have a "talker" on your hands. I know it is maddening (I KNOW what you are going through), but try to be patient (I also know that is not the advice you probably want!)

We've taken our cat to the vet multiple times to see if there is anything wrong with her. The vet finally determined for us that she probably has anxiety issues and that she should take fluoxetine (Prozac). We tried that for about a week and she just wasn't herself anymore - hardly eating, lethargic, etc. It broke our hearts. We decided to try and live with the meowing for now in the hope that as she gets older, she will calm down and become more settled. (She was a stray that we adopted and the vet thinks she is about 1-2 years old).

Believe me, I DO KNOW how bad it can be to listen to the non-stop meowing every waking moment, but just keep trying different approaches with Copcar. We're even trying Feliway plug-ins because the vet said it could calm the anxiousness.

If you take Copcar to the pound, just think, no one may want him or if he does get adopted, then he may end up in another home where he is just given up again.

OH - and do you talk to Copcar at all while the meowing is going on??? At first we'd ignore our cat for 15 or 20 minutes and then give in and try to calm her somehow. Now if we completely ignore her, the meowing goes on for 30 or 40 minutes, but then she'll calm herself down eventually. Maybe try ignoring him - don't give in by talking to him or petting him...

I wish you the best of luck!
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Thank yall for the advice. I dont know if ill be able to deal with it much longer but Ill give it a try. Hes just about a year old now so maybe he'll grow out of it.

thanx again
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Hi Nick,

Have you taken Copcar to the vet? Maybe he should be checked just to make sure nothing is wrong... How long have you had him? Is it possible that he is still adjusting if you've only had him for a little while? Is he neutered? Maybe a trip to the vet would help...

I know that the advice of just being patient isn't that great, but I've gone from MAYBE getting 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night to now sleeping straight through until the alarm goes off. Our cat has improved so much (knock on wood!) and we still have meowing outbursts from her, but she's getting better. Maybe with time Copcar will calm down too.

I feel so bad for you because I really know how awful it is. I think some people have "talkers" and I think that could be really cute, nice, fun, etc. - But when you have a serious "meow machine" on your hands, it is very, very difficult.

Again, I wish you the best with Copcar and I hope things work out. Maybe try the Feliway plug-in. You can get it at your vet's office or at a pet store. That seems to help our cat a little bit. Not as much as what some people say it helps their cats, but maybe that is worth a try? Also, I heard Bach Rescue Remedy is great too...
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one more thing i've heard of is this lil aire freshener thingy that releases a smell that relaxes a cat incase they are stressed. That might help you a bit just a thought.
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Originally Posted by m3elmo View Post
one more thing i've heard of is this lil aire freshener thingy that releases a smell that relaxes a cat incase they are stressed. That might help you a bit just a thought.
It is Feliway, you do not smell it only the cat does.
You didn't mention if he is neutered though and if not then simple solution there! Just get him neutered! Even if not vocal he should be anyways. I wonder too what kind of cat he is?
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I've got two kittens, about five months old, both males. I also have a seven year old female. The siamese is very vocal and sometimes walks around just vocalizing. I have, however, known siamese that vocalize all day long, yet there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with them.

Now, my Peeka isn't even a purebred and I do notice he vocalizes more when Boo is sleeping or doing something off in another room, so, maybe he is looking for another cat--or me--I'll have to pay more attention to him.

I do love his vocalizations though I wonder if he did it all day if I would. Good luck.
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My kitten Boots is exactly the same. He plays with the cat next door sometimes for days on end. But at home he drives me the point that we sometimes have to put him outside for our own sanity! I don't know what he wants when he is being vocal as he has food and milk and biscuits. And when we pick him up he immediately wants to be down on the ground again.

I think he is just attention seeking. When he is at home he is my shadow and follows me everywhere. But I work from home and so sometimes have to ignore him - he does not like that at all!!

I know how annoying this can be (my friends actually told that me that vocal cats were rare and I was lucky.....). If you can let him out then do so, at least to give yourself a break!

Good Luck
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well, heyu likes to talk also,
but normaly after i take some time and play with her, she will stop and go eat
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My Rosie can talk for England, but as soon as i throw a ball up the stairs for her or give her a couple of treats she stops.

I have many a good conversation with her and would miss our little chats if she wasn't there

And if he's not neutered then i would make the vets first port of call to get him done and try and solve the problem.
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Willow is my most vocal cat, but my others are talkers too! I enjoy the chatter between them all and often have some great chats with them myself! (he's even had a chat with Susan/rosiemac! )

I agree that if he's not neutered, then that would be the first thing you should do!

Maybe he's trying to get your attention for some more play/snuggles/interaction?
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Yes Copcar is nutered. Ive had him about a year and he was a ver small kitten when I got him. He used to meow at night but I broke him of that with getting him we when he meowed at night and wouldnt shut up. I had to do something because even our neighbors wee complaining about it(I live in apt). So hes not as bad but its still pretty hard. Ive been ignoring him more now and he seems to be more quiet i guess. Still meows alot though. Hes not siamese at all.

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I think he's lonely, along with just naturally being a vocal cat. I have an opera singer myself, Buffy, and she has two housemates (Willow and Molly), which helps keep her sane, though she can't stand Molly (all of the 3 years of her life was spent with only Willow, and then suddenly a strange cat comes on the scene... Well, you get the idea). But I've found when Buffy is bored and isn't being stimulated, she goes nuts. Walks to the front door, hollering all the way, then goes to the living room, hollering. Then she treks to the back door, hollering, then she comes into the kitchen and hollers to whoever's there. Then she goes downstairs and hollers, then she comes back upstairs to holler some more. And if you yell at her, she hollers even louder ("No, I will NOT shut up! You shut up! Mrowwwwwwwww!!") As the mommy of Rosie already said, playing with the cat works wonders. Even if the cat doesn't play, I find throwing objects across the room distracts the cat, she pays attention to where the object lands instead of yelling at the top of her lungs. And heck, after a while she'll decide to CHASE the objects, lol (these objects are kitty toys or balls of paper, BTW, not our evil attempts to get her to quiet down, lol)
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