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Attack of the Cat

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Hello all.. Well we had such a night last night.. I was playing with Angel and I seen these little black specks on her head.. Thought maybe she got litter on her coat.. I was wrong,, it was flea dirt as I push away her white hair, there were fleas all over my poor baby.. So about midnight, I'm running to krogers to buy flea shampoo and a flea collar,, and it was not pretty.. Then we were giving her a bath at 12:45am. She went crazy, and scratched the crap out of us since she had to sit with the shampoo on for at least 5 minutes.. Not such a easy feat with a cat...

12 scratches later,a flea bath, and a flea collar, the fleas are dead on her.. We didn't attempt Chestnut,, I'm sure she has them too.. I think i'm gonna pay someone to dip her though. My arms can't take it..

Uggh.. What a night!!! Now I'm all scared that I've got fleas in my carpet and furnitures and beds.. Oh the idea gives me creappyy crawleyyss!

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What a mess! I just found a flea on one of my foster kittens, Owl, when he moved to a new foster home. No way will I bathe the remaining 7 cats and my dog! Advantage (availalbe over the counter) is a little expensive, but it works, and it is safe for pets. I have Revolution (from the vet) for the two with ear mites, and everyone else is getting Advantage.

I have read that flea collars aren't really safe for kitties, so recommend you put it in your vaccuum bag, so when you suck up the critters, they will die.

Good luck with the fleas!
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Heather, sorry to hear your baby had fleas...........

I remember reading on here that you shouldn't use the flea collars, but I can't remember why now...........
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I'm sure she feels much better after her bath. You're such a good meowmy One thing though- please take the flea collar off of her- it can really harm her. I suggest you run to your vets office today and purchase some Feline Frontline or Advantage- it starts to kill the fleas immediately, the eggs, larva- all stages- and it is safe
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sorry about the flea prob - I just discovered an infestation in my house this morning, so I'm off to the vet myself. I agree w/ the rest, flea collars can be hazardous to your Angel's health (but they work great as pant cuffs if you're out hiking in tick country, so don't toss em just yet )

Don't forget to wash her bedding, if she has a special place she lies down. I have to wash my quilt AGAIN and hope there's none in the carpets yet.
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