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So, Trout slept with me last night....

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Well, I shouldn't say slept...she bit me, pounced on me, played with her pink bear (which was on my bed this morning)...and messed everything up on my bedside table...

Um, howcome noone told me cats are nocturnal?..

No, it wasn't all bad at was very cute.. I didn't get an amazing sleep because I was very aware of her being in the room with a mix of that and being pounced on..I somehow didn't get very much quality sleep

BUT, for about 5 minutes during the night, she did curl up with me..and I swear the whole time she was in my room..I could hear her purr motor running

AND she didn't meow at all last night or this morning So, I think she was less lonely all in all..even though she chose her ultimate resting place to be the couch...maybe I was drooling on her

Anyway, it went well and I will continue to let her in..How can I resist that purr?
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Awwwww bless her I must admit as soon as i put the light out the girls both jump on the bed to settle down with Rosie in the crease of my legs and Sophie with her back against mine
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They are much more behaved when oyu let them in but I can't take my two galloping across the house so they have to stay out. But when it was just Phenom she got to be agood girl and slept through the night!
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See, I don't think Trout is as lonely as you think.. I think she was meowing to get your attention because she wanted to be close to her Mom
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Awww, Trout wanted to be with Meowmy!
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Aww she just wanted her mom. I don't have a door to my bedroom so all the animlas besides dad's dog usually end up with me. But last night Lilly didn't sleep with me and I missed her But Tavia curled up even closer to me and had that pur motor going. Which was good I watched a scary movie and had scared myself and so I curled up with Macy the boxer and my sweet kitty, but I can't sleep without them.
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I always let mine in with me though they like to pull Troy's ears until he falls off the bed. Which he has TWICE lol! They like to annoy him i think it's a gift .
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my cat is like that too ^_^ she is like my teddybear because she always like to cuddle up to me when i go to bed.
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She'll calm down.... eventally I couldn't imagine not sleeping with my kitties Out of my current 14, at least 6 are in there with me, I think they come and go in the night, but they never wake me up
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
She'll calm down.... eventally
It's taken me 5 months to get used to having cats in the bedroom! But even Mosi settles down now. He goes to sleep on the floor or in a chair (or sometimes in the living room) but when I wake up in the morning he's always tucked up under the duvet next to me
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Awww! What a sweet baby! She was sharing her teddy with you!
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Trout's still a kitten, right? See, all my kits are OLD (youngest is 6 1/2, rest are 10+), so they like to SLEEP when they're in my room - usually all around me so I can't turn over without disturbing at least two of them and getting indignant meows.
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aww..what a sweetheart!
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It's fun when they want to cuddle, but I don't have enough room for 8
Cammie is my bed partner my room is her room, she doesn't mind the cats in there during the day but at night forgetaboutit
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Annabelle and Daisy sleep at our feet and Lucy sleeps next to me. But they come and go during the night. When Brent travels they all usually curl up on his side of the bed till he gets home to reclaim it
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
the whole time she was in my room..I could hear her purr motor running
Oh, how good for you two!
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Wasn't that just an awesome feeling to know how loved you are by Trout? Just wait until she settles in on your pillow some night & does very loud personal hygeine....
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That's terrific! I was wondering how that went!

If you want her to sleep at night when you do, on a day off work when you are home, spend the day actively playing and interacting with her. Don't let her sleep! If you catch her napping, go and wake her up and play with her. If you have to seek her out of her hiding spots where she goes to get away from an annoying meowmy, go and find her and wake her up and play with her.

One whole day of that, and a light snack before bed makes for one tired kitty and a restful nights sleep

I'm glad that she got to spend some extra time with you.There is nothing like drifting off to sleep with a furry kitty nearby
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Thats so nice! Ceci is an annoying little bugger at night, she likes to pounce on my feet and jump onto my stomach. The noise can get me annoyed at times because of the bell on her collar, but after a few hours she settles down and sleeps with me. Its just about the sweetest thing in the world when I look over at 4 in the morning and she is comfortably sleeping.

She knows not to get too close though or her meowmy will sneeze all night and she'll get annoyed!
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I'll bet Trout is one happy cat!
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Awwww Natalie, that's so cute! Such a good girl Trout!!! Makin' your Momma's day like that!!!
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