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This cat is crazy and obsessed with dirty socks and somewhat smelly shoes I think she dropped a toy of hers into my b/fs shoe but this is what i found when i walked in the room. If she could of her whole body would of been in the shoe.

i love this pic....just one of those days we had some super bright sun shining into the living room and i took advantage of all natural lighting.

and here is Kricket and I just chillen relaxing, shes off to sleep while i watch some tv.

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dont they do some freaky things

love the one with the sun streaming in, it just lights up that peachy face aww..........aww........ww
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Kricket your one gorgeous little girl
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You're right! That second pic is fantastic!
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She is so beautiful!!
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Thank you everybody!!
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What a beautiful kitty The picture of you with her sleeping on you is exactly where Chynna likes to lay on me.... only Chynna lays more horizontal across me, but she likes to be up high by my face too.

Great pictures
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what a cutie!
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