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Oh I feel bad for any woman that would marry my dad he knows I don't eat after people and he buys pies and instead of sharing he gets a fork and eats from the whole pie instead of cutting off a slice so I never get any. And he drinks from the milk cartons and I hate that and then when he puts a pie in the fridge he puts his dirty used fork ontop of the pie cover in the fridge and then it falls into the bottom of the fridge I keep asking why he doesn't just get a new fork and use plates instead he doesn't listen. So unless I buy a pie I don't get any of it. And he will eat a whole pie in a days time.
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lol at least he made the attempt of cleaning out the fridge!

It is annoying when DH does it though. Sometimes I feel like telling him DONT CLEAN OUT THE FRIDGE! because he will get oh so picky and start throwing everything out.

Ever notice how you can look in the fridge 500 times, and see that piece of (pie, pizza, candy, cake) and not give it a second thought, but the moment its gone you suddenly want it?
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