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What's the weather forecast for Halloween?

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We're in the Pacific Northwest and it looks like it's going to be cold for trick or treating!
At long as it's not pouring rain all night like last year!

What's the forecast where you are?

Cheers, from
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It's supposed to rain here tomorrow
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It's supposed to be 34* here tomorrow and those kids are going to freeze their butts off here trick or treating it's only supposed to be 7* tomorrow night. I hope their parents make them dress warm.
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Same as it is every year - COLD! It has been for as long as I can remember here, and considering I grew up here that's saying a lot. The big difference is that this year it won't be snowing too.
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Going to be 55 here on tues morning and 29 and windy at night on tues
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My town is a lil bass ackwards....we trick or treat the and it was pretty darn nice out until it got dark then it got chilly but nothing that a sweatshirt couldnt handle. We do this because we supposedly host the largest halloween parade in the nation. I hope everybody stays warm on your fun night!!!
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Here it's going to be the same as every Canadian Halloween... VERY VERY COLD!!!!! But to add to the temperature, it's going to be windy and snowing. We have a high of -3 degrees celcius. In farenheit that is 26.6.
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Not too bad here, it could be worse.

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Cold and snowy. Glad I'm staying in this year!
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it's warm here in the nyc area. But it's the nyc area very few trick or treaters.
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It's been raining, but should dry up by the time the kids get out of school. Lots of them will go out while still daylight.

It's also chilly.
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in the upper 60's and a slight chance of rain here in alabama
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Variable cloud this evening diping to 1 degree celcius (burrr) and sunny on Wednesday.
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Rainy and about 60 degrees.. I hope the rain stops by tonight!! Poor kids!!
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