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This is officialy my 1000th post on the forums!!!

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Yeah for Anne!!!

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So, does that mean your going to the Old Posts Home? LOL. CONGRATS!!!!!
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Alright...FINALLY I cought up with Anne. This will be my 1000th post..YEAH!!!!!
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Yeah, Anne. I'm looking forward to my 100th so I can finally be an adult
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Start posting in the "getting to know you" thread. It's addicting and you start racking up the posts!
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Well, congrats to both Sandie and Kaaren!!!
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Deb25, How well I know that it is addicting. I spend far to much time on this computer!
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Congratulations! Okay, I'm calling it: Blob-O-Rama!

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YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! YES, YES!!!!! Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Yaaaaaaahoooooooo!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaawwww!!!!! YOW!!!
That's sure one way of knowing how much time we spend on here! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now you have to keep Dovik!
:flash: :flash: :flash:
:flash: :flash: :flash:

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Congratulations Anne, Kaaren & Sandie. Looks like Congrats to Catarina too for her 200th post.
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!!!! way to go Anne Sandie & Kaaren & Catarina !!!!

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Congratulations guys!!!

Hopefully someday I will make 1000!

I just love all the cute similies in this thread!!!!
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Thanks another reason for : :flash: :flash: : :flash:

I love those things!!
Deb, you're almost there!!!!
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Hi Terry - good to see you around! How are you doing these days?
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