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Milo Peeing/Spraying!!

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I have a huge problem..I was away for about two days straight for school, but my boyfriend came to visit Milo and Marlee and feed them, etc. I have left them before, and didn't think anything of it. We got home tonight, and there was an awful smell when we walked in the door so we started looking for where it came from. Found a puddle looking thing around an old watermelon, and at first just thought the watermelon rotted and leaked. But then I went upstairs and there were two spots on the bathroom rug that were definately urine.

So my two questions...can male cats still spray if they are neutered? (Milo is a little over 6 months, got neutered when he was around 4 months or so when I got him).

And which is more likely....he was upset and thought I wasn't coming home, he is spraying, or he has a UTI?

I know to watch for more symptoms of a UTI and I plan to keep a close eye on him tonight and tomorrow and see if I notice anything. Any ideas? I just don't know what I'll be able to do if he begining to spray.
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I know there is no need to repost. But now that I have calmed down a bit I have a bit more to tell you, and just really need some help. I feel like I'm at my wit's end with this boy, but I just love him to death!

Saturday evening we had a halloween party to go to, so some friends met me here. In the process of getting all 8 of us out the door and over the baby gate (has been there to keep Milo from getting out), he finally figured out how to get over it and now the gate is almost useless. If he is in sight of the door when it is opened, he is out quicker than you can realize he's running that way. I've tried spraying him, but water doesn't bother him really. I've tried being very consistent with saying No and ignoring him, which has worked well with biting, but has no effect with the door problem.

And then today (not even two full days later) I have the pee problem added. I'm just really stressed, my entire house seems to smell like pee right now, and I Just feel like crying.
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Sweetie! Take a deep breath!

Primarily, I would say that Milo could do with a trip to the vets - peeing out of the litter tray (be it peeing or spraying) requires looking into!

Neutered cats can spray and it often comes as a stress reaction. When Molly was suffering with her UTI, she did spray on the window - which she has never done in the three years that she has been with me!

(you will also need to thoroughly clean any pee areas with an enzymatic cleaner - such as Simple Solution - to make sure that any traces of scent are removed)

As for dashing for the door, have you tried keeping a hoover next to it? When Milo dashes for the door, turn it on to startle him and let him realise that the area around the door is horrible!

Do you spend much alone time with Milo? It might be a case that he's feeling a little insecure and wants some more time with you - can't hurt to try once you've had him evaluated by a vet!
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Thank you for your response! I feel much better after a good night's sleep, I was just so worn out yesterday that I felt awful! He seems fine since I've gotten back home, and I am off work/school today so I will be keeping a VERY close eye on him all day. If he pees outside the litter box at all, or I see him trying to go with no result, we will be off to the vet. Otherwise I am hoping it was his way of showing he was upset with me for leaving for a little while. (his first owner took him to the shelter after a weeks and left him, so maybe he thought i had left him too)

As for the door thing, I definately may try the vacuum. He doesn't seem bothered by the vacuum when I'm doing regular cleaning, but surely he won't like it being pointed at him.

And yes, I do try to spend alone time with each of them. But the past few weeks have been very stressful for me and I have been gone often all day either to school or work. I'm sure its taking its toll on both Milo and Marlee. Hopefully it will be slowing down now.

I have been thinking about starting to take Milo out with me on "walks" when its not too cold, think that would help with his urge to run out, or make it worse?
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Hopefully Milo settles now that he realises that Meowmy is back home! I know just how stressful these things can get! (we're working on Molly's FIC meds at the moment!)

I also know how it can get so busy that it seems that we're not spending enough quality time with our kitties! They know that we want to, but sometimes things just get on top of us all!

If the hoover trick doesn't seem to deter Milo, maybe you could get a tin and put some pennies in there - then when you shake it, it'll make an awful din and hopefully have the same effect! I'm sure you can come up with a creative method to make the door less attractive!

I think that if you do the 'walkies' well and let him know that he can only go out with you (carrying him out over the threshold and allowing him to walk back into the house, he should get the idea It might also curb his intrigue about the great outdoors!
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Milo has done fine so far today. I went to the store and went back to some fine grained litter (he has used the non-clumping rocky kinda litter since I got him, but last time I accidently bough clumping...maybe he liked it better), got a new bathroom rug, and got him some new food. Even though I haven't noticed any other signs of UTI, I went ahead and bought some urinary tract health food (his urine has always smelled strong anyways, maybe this will help). As far as I know he hasn't peed outside the litterbox, but I haven't cought him IN the litter box either.

But we also went on a walk this afternoon, so we'll keep up with that and hopefully his urge to escape will go away!
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