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I have always had cats.
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I have always had cats.......and horses, dogs, chipmunks, chickadees, geese, chickens, pigs, ponies, more cats, mice, butterflies, more cats.......
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I never liked cats very much. I thought they were snotty and fickle. So I never liked them to much til I met Amber's cats. Annie Rose loves me. She will run up and head butt me any time she sees me. Bagheera and Kitten are really cool cats. They act like dog cats. I dont think Bagheera even knows hes a cat. Now Devil Kitty shes cute and all but I think shes going to kill me in my sleep.
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My mom raised me to love cats
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My earliest memories are of sweet kitties.
I always have been and always will be a cat person.
I am blessed.
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I put "no, not always" but we had cats when I was kid and I loved them. But we also had dogs and I loved them, too. And rats, and hammies. (okay, maybe not so crazy about the ham-hams...)

I'm not a dog or a cat person. I love them both the same. The both have different characteristics that I love and appreciate. I wanted a cat first, but my b/f didn't want one, so we got Yukon, our first dog, a malamute. He was great, but passed away. Then we got Cash and LT happened upon us and that was it, really. Then I started working at the shelter and fostering kittens and I remember how much I loved cats and knew that we needed one in the family! Even the b/f loves Fat Harriet! Cats are such wonderful companions.

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No,I haven't always been a 'cat' person.
But I've always been an animal person and always had dogs.
I've always been afraid of cats since I was a kid and had nightmares for years about being chased and eaten by wild cats,If I saw a cat injured when I was young,I would help it,but I think that was because they were hurt and sort of defenceless if you know what I mean......It couldn't hurt me

Since I found my sweet boy Meir 10 years ago,I love 'em
Don't know why I was so afraid of them

I must admit I still love my RB Doggies ,but I don't feel the same towards dogs as I used to
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