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Wakeup call

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This morning at 600 am oscar decides that he wants something. He proceeds to climb on my and start meowing and would not stop.? He has done this the last two mornings. What is wrong with him
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He probably wants food or attention. Cats are most active in their hunting at dawn and dusk in the wild.

This is a common "problem" for cat owners. The best advice I can give is to completely ignore him if you want the behavior to stop. It will take a while, but it does work. A good 15-20 minute vigorous play session right before you go to bed at night can also help.

Any other response is only going to reinforce the behavior. Some people get up and feed the cat, then go back to bed. Their cats have them well trained!

There are a ton of threads about this; you might want to use the search feature to find more info.
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When my cats do that they either want food, water or attention. I try to remember to fill their bowls with food, give them fresh water and give them lots of love at right before bed that way they leave me alone in the morning and usually it works.
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He's doing it, because suddenly you're a whole hour late getting up (didn't you change the clocks?) and he wants you to get up and take care of him!
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