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A Kitten in Heat?!?!

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Hi there, I am the proud owner of a 10-week-old female kitten as of last Friday, The old owners told me that she was about 10 weeks old and she looks to be about this age. I have had a female cat before and know the signs of one being in heat. This kitten is executing many of these signs, from the high-pitched "howling" predominantly at night, to the lifting and vibrating of the base of the tail. It seems weird and I did look it up and it is probably impossible for a cat this age to be going through heat already, but maybe someone can help me and tell me what it could be. I have a feeling that it may partially be due to the fact that she misses her mommy, but still, this still seems a little bizarre. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much.

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There are people who are sexually precocious, so I don't see why an animal can't be as well. Hormones don't have calendars and clocks, and if someone is early (or late) getting going, then they are. My only concern would be that she doesn't have some rare thing like a pituitary tumor or something that would set things off all out of whack.
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emma is 4 months old and she went into heat...but it wasn't full blown. it only lasted about 3 days and it was very mild. it is very possible.
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