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Cat had fleas, now has psychological problem

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Last week I noticed fleas on my cat so I got some Frontline from the vet. That was only a few days ago actually. Today I vacuumed and sprayed everything, gave her a flea bath, etc. Before doing any of this she was CONSTANTLY scratching herself. After I did these things she hasn't scratched even once that I have seen and has no fleas when I combed over her. There is another problem however.

A couple days after I noticed the fleas I noticed a change in her behavior. She wouldn't get on the carpet at all and wouldn't follow me around like usual. When I went to bed I'd have to pick her up off a piece of furniture and put her in the bed with me. In the morning I'd have to pick her up and physically put her near her food for her to eat just a bit before jumping on something high. So I think she understands that the fleas enjoy living in the carpet and she feels safe from them when she is up high. Now that things are better she is still exhibiting this behavior although not quite as bad. I tried to put her on the floor while I sat on the floor petting her so that she associates feeling good and the floor and can feel safe there. Should I continue doing this? Should I try to force her to walk on the carpet or just let her do so when she is ready? Any help is appreciated.

ps. Here's a pic.

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Dear xposigroovex and Donna Reed!:

Welcome to TheCatSite and hope you both enjoy it here as much as we do! She is a GORGEOUS little girl, isn't she? Very luminous and expressive eyes, and I can tell she's a really sweet cat! You sound like you not only love her lots (a very wise move on your part! ), but you're also doing the right things in terms of flea-proofing her and of reacclimating her to her environment and you. I would definitely keep up the good work! She is obviously fed up with the little biting buggers and doesn't want to go where they go; your reassurance will go a long way toward making her feel comfortable again, as if she is truly in a place where "a cat can be a CAT!"
Good for you, and thanks for adopting and loving her! (Around here, as you can see, "Rescue is our business -- our ONLY business!" and we go around thanking everyone who's good to cats because, well, we love 'em!)
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I really think she should be taken to the vet's ASAP and checked out. It might be a mere coincidence that she started behaving that way after having fleas, which, BTW, can cause anemia in kittens.
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Each day she has gotten on the floor a little more. Today she ran right across the room to "tell me bye"...Now she's laying on the floor! I'm so glad she's back to normal.
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Good Deal!!!
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