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Siamese experts

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Do you think these are pure siamese? I compared them to pics of others and it seems like siamese have a more triangular head. Plus the price is kind of cheap compared to others.
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Yes the kitten(s) look like they might be Classic's? But the older seal point looks more of a Modern. There are 2 differnt style's of Siamese. Those are look pure.
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Whats the difference between classic and modern? The pics below are what I am looking for, they are gorgeous

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Classic's have a rounder face like the one's in my siggy (my 2 kitties). The one's your looking at are Modern's they have thin bodies and faces. Classic's are wider in the face and body .
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You are looking for what is called the wedge head. My two mixed siamese are more of the apple-head.

Contact the place and see if you can meet the parents of the kittens. That will give you an idea on what they will look like as adults.
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They look like applehead or classic, however you want to say it, siamese kittens but you can't really go by looks on that because alot of kittens can look pure bred and not be but that doesn't make them any less adorable. And the pics you showed are moderns.
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Auctually I'm going to go with a kitten from the breeder of those pics I posted. Sure their much more expensive, but definitely worth it.
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If you are worried that these kittens are not "pure", then simply ask the breeder which registry association holds their pedigrees. If they are not registered with ANY (or a less reputable) organization, then I strongly urge you NOT to purchase a kitten from this breeder. By doing so, you would be advocating backyard breeding and less than ethical breeding practices.

As a Siamese breeder myself, I take it extremely personally when someone claims kittens are "pure" when they don't bother to register their cats. If the kittens are in fact pedigreed Siamese, then the breeder would not have a problem with registering their pedigrees with a reputable registry association.
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I would like to make one kind suggestion- have you considered adopting a gorgeous rescued Siamese kitty that is in need of a home rather than one from a breeder? They have gorgeous purebreeds on the siamese rescue site at the moment as well as in shelters all across the country- many have papers and bios! You would be saving a gorgeous little life and giving them a wonderful forever home. I highly recommend this rescue organization. They also have a wide variety of ages, markings, and colors www.siameserescue.org
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