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What is this lady thinking????

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I just got a call from a lady who is interested in adopting McGilly and McBethie. After spending only 5 minutes in a phone conversation with her, I told her that I was plenty picky about who adopted my cats and I didn't think that she was going to work out. She knew, because the ad at the vet's office states they were born May 5th how old they are. But here were some of her concerns: My thoughts are in paranthesis

1. Husband did not want a long-hair, and the gray one has long-hair, so it is long-long- hair, or medium long hair, or short long hair? (The little gray one is still quite young and not grown into her hair quite yet)

2. Do they like dogs (Well, not yet, but they are getting used to one) Well, we have two pit bulls, will they get along with two pitbulls do you think? One is overly aggressive, but the other one is a lamb!

3. If I come get them tonight, can I let them outside tonight? We have 8 acres and I would really just like them to be outside kitties, my husband doesn't want me buying any litterboxes! (yikes)

4. We aren't home during the day, can I teach them to stay away from the over-aggressive dog do you think?

I told her that she was placing a lot of demands on two feral kitties and explained to her that they were feral, she then wanted to know about how they would be around people.......sigh.......So I told her again I didn't think this would even work out and she couldn't pay me enough money to take these two from me! That's when she said "I have to pay for them?" Geesh! Looks like maybe it's destiny for these two to stay here after all........
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If this broad wants a cat, she should get s stuffed one. She, obviously, doesn't have a clue about real ones!
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Hissy - the lady is suffering from a severe case of
brain bramage

People like that TOTALLY amaze me! I'm just glad the babies are wih YOU...unless I come over and adopt em'.....


"Right On!! Hissy!!"

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If she comes back.....Hang this on your front door......
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Thankfully she does not know where I live! This was all over the phone only.

Hey Kim? Nice job brushing your cats teeth! *EG*
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You should see my orthodontics bill......

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She obviously didnt care about them if she was going to keep them outside. Mcbethie & McGilly are lucky to have a mom like you, Hissy!
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Good grief!?!? Did she SERIOUSLY think you'd let her have your babies!?!??! Some people just have no idea at all....
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You know, Mary Anne, I think those little ones are trying to tell you something. They already have a human Mommy, and they want to keep her! Sometimes Fate has other plans for us, and from what you have said about the people who have inquired about MacGilly and MacBethie, they are just supposed to stay with you and Mike.
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Well, I only have one ad up for a home for them, at my vets. I will call on Monday and ask them to take it down. Looks like McBethie and McGilly are here to stay. I just was hoping to find an ideal place for them where there isn't quite as much competition as around here.
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Hissy........but there no other place around with as much love as yours - SO THERE!!!
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So their plan worked, and they get to stay. Honestly, I wonder how some people get through life. I wonder if her head has an echo?
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Rant warning!!!

I'm right there with you, Hissy! Keep those babies safe if you can't hand them off to the right person... and that just might take an eternity!

What is it with people today? I'd blame it on the full moon... but there isn't one!

Although this isn't a cat story, it might as well be one. A work aquaintence has just gotten through ruining her fifth dog in four years (yes, you heard me right: fifth).

The pattern goes like this... she sees an add for a beautiful puppy... first, a Siberian Husky, then a copper Lab, then a Golden Retriever and, most recently, two malteses. The kids clamour for the puppies, she gets them, and while they are puppies they are 1) teased to death; 2) recieve no consistent training; 3) are walked sporadically; 6) kept for loooong hours in their cages; and finally, when 5) they nip, bark with boredom, growl with frustration, take a committment of time and urinate/defecate inappropriately, she blames the DOG and gets rid of them, sometimes having them euthanized at the pound.

When she complained endlessly at coffee a few days ago and wondered aloud what the problem was, I said I could tell her. The problem was not the dogs, it was her, and if it were up to me, she'd be charged with animal abuse. She cried, I got into trouble with her supervisor, but I don't care...

It's the people who should be licensed, not the animals.
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GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Sometimes you just have to say what is on your mind, and you were absolutely right to do so. I am barred from a grocery store for telling off a cashier about the same brand of stupidity. Proving once again that the two most common things in the world are hydrogen and stupidity!:confused2 :paranoid2 :confused2
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You both did the right thing. Some people are just so dense, even being told directly might not change them. Scary to think these people try to raise pets and children.
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No offense meant to pitbull owners. but why would anyone want to have an "aggressive" one of these creatures around people. to say nothing of 2 poor kittens? This lady has more than a screw loose. (With my luck, she's probably a new member. )
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Deb25... gotta agree with you on pit bulls. I've seen first hand the damage an aggressive one can make. The problem with them is that most people get them for status symbols (ie/ tough dog syndrome) and they don't understand how to manage their aggression... worse, a lot don't get their males neutered.

I realize that there's all kinds of people out there that would disagree with me, saying that their dog is sweet and loving to their family, which is probably true... but their territoriality is so heightened that they's almost genetically unpredictable around strangers and other animals. And with the kind of lethal damage they're capable of... they almost impossible to control when fully aroused, even by an owner.
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Around strangers? Here, a couple of years ago, one turned on the family's teenage daughter, and within minutes, the other dogs joined the pack, and she was killed. Don't get me wrong, I like dogs, but I wouldn't own a pit bull for anything.
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I have mixed feeling about these dogs. Personally, I'd never own one just because of their notoriety. But, I do believe that owners have a part in making these dogs vicious aniamls. I saw one at the PetsMart one time and he/she was so beautiful. It seemed so well-behaved. It's kind of the same thing of owning a rottie or a dobbie ....... People own them because they are a tough dog.
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There are way more lethal and serious attacks attributed to pit bulls than either rotties or dobermans... and Deb25 is right... even the family isn't safe (I was trying to be diplomatic, LOL!).

The dirty little secret is that these dogs have been bred in NA for a long time as dogs for illegal fighting, which means that no one, not even the most reputable breeder, can guarentee their temperment, no matter what they say or promise. I would never, under any circumstances, trust these dogs around children or other animals, not do I believe that these dogs should be kept as "pets": only very experienced people with the facilities to handle them should be allowed to have pitbulls, IMHO. And under no circumstances should they be allowed to run or be walked off leash.

I don't blame the dogs for this: they are only what they have been bred to be. And I simply don't buy the argument that someone has to do "something" to them to engage their instinctual behavior.
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I've met a nice pit bull, but I would never, ever, ever keep one in my home as a pet.
My mom got attacked by a pit bull mix when she realized the owners weren't feeding it. She took a bowl of dog food over for it and it attacked her. It was on a 4 foot chain, and so in order to give the dog food, she had to get pretty close. Now she realizes how stupid it was on her part to go over there, but when she sees a malnourished animal, she doesn't always think straight. I don't blame this on the dog: I blame it on the owners who didn't even have the decency to feed it. But I suppose it's a bad example because I think any breed would be stressed if it hadn't been fed in a week.
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OK I am going to put my two cents in. I can see both sides of the pit bull issue.

First we have owned pit bills for 5 years. My dogs are the nicest dog I have ever owned. I have 2 very small children and my dogs have never hurt my children! My dogs have never hurt anyone! Also my dogs have never hurt my cats! But yes some people do train pit bulls to be mean! It is wrong but not all pit bulls are mean!

I had a friend that had a pit bull. As you can see I said had a friend! He had a cat and the dog did not like the cat. The cat did not like the dog. He said well they have to learn to like each other so he put them in his bedroom together. He forgot he had but them in there and when he went in hours later the cats was dead. That is right he was stupid! I never forgave him for it! I do not speak to him now and I feel so bad for the cat. This happened years ago but it does not make it right. The point being it was not the dogs fault but the humans!
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I agree that it is 99.9% the humans fault for stuff like that.... Sorry about your friend's cat
What colors are your pit bulls? The one I saw at PetsMart that one time.... it was a marble coloring almost. It was such a beautiful dog, too!
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You are so right! I just could not understand why someone could be so dumb! We just have one right now and he is a mix. But still has the pit bull in him. We rescued him from the shelter. I will try to attach a picture of him.

This is my Smokey pit bull mix.
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I have to put my 2 cents in on this one. Most of the problems that you hear about with pits is not a problem with the breed, per se. Yes, there are some bad apples as there are with any breed. I've seen aggressive chihuahuas and toy poodles, more often than aggressive pits (obviously excluding the ones who were trained to attack anything that moves and abused/neglected, which unfortunately happens more often with pits than most breeds because of that "tough dog" image.) The difference is that when a chihuahua attacks, the owner can generally yank it away and it doesn't cause all that much damage. The pit bull is equipped to do more damage, and I guess that is the fault of the breed. They are a terrier, and one of the terrier traits is that when they bite down their jaws lock, which is why their bites are so much worse than other breeds.

My family had a pit mix (sire was a full bred pit), and Felicia was by far the sweetest dog I have ever known. I have no doubt she would have protected us if that situation had arisen, but she was good with strangers, OK with kids (she avoided them because she didn't know what they were). To her, a stranger was just a friend she hadn't met yet. This has been the case with every pit I have ever met, and I'm talking about people on the street, not just friends. When I would see someone with a pit out, I would tell them what a pretty dog they had and ask if I could pet it. I received the same reception from all of the dogs - tail wagging, licking, and just happy as pie to meet someone new.

I agree that Mary Anne should not have adopted out the two kitties to that woman. Regardless of the breed of dogs she owned, she was an idiot who would not have given those two a decent home, let alone a good home.

OK, I'm coming down from my soap box now. This is one topic that I get real sensitive with because of laws passed in my neck of the woods. Decent pits are put down all the time because they are found in Denver, where they have been outlawed.
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Smokey is so handsome!
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Nicole, that is a great pic of your dog!

Hissy..that woman sounds like a moron!!!!!
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