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I'm a wife!!!

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On Saturday we got married...the weather sucked really bad but the day was amazing, the best wedding I could ever ask for.

I have yet to get the photographer's photos (we have a meeting with them tomorrow at noon to start going through them, and we should get the password to the site at that time) but my sister sent me all the ones she had on her digital camera and I thought I'd post a few.

I will update these as I get more...

The bride and groom...

Our wedding party...(from left to right: Alysse (my sister and maid of honor), Matt (one of Erik's best friends and our best man), Steve then Josh (groomsmen and two of Erik's best friends), then Teresa (my sister and bridesmaid) and Allison (one of our best friends from high school and a bridesmaid)...
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Beautiful pics!!

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Congradulations!!!! You look very beautiful! And you both look soo happy!
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Congratulations!!, you all looked wonderful! especially you the beautiful bride!

When my husband and I were married the weather was terrible as well, but the one very good thing about it is that it will always make your wedding day memorable

I can't wait to see more photos!
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Congratulations!! YOU ALL LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!
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You make a beautiful couple - I love your flower boquet!
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Oh god this gives me cold feet, me and Troy are working on the date for ours. Very nice looking groom if you ever want to trade call me .
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and so happy that the day went well. Now you have to change your signature: Crystal- Proud fiancé of Erik;... It isn't true any more (unless you have another fiance on the side )
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We had ours back in August. August we thought, should be lovely weather. Even if it's not hot, at least it should be dry, we thought. We planned a picnic, and a handfasting outdoors. It was looking good - we had the hottest July on record. And the wettest August EVER. My wedding day was the coldest and wettest August day to ever be recorded. It was still the best day of my life even though we had to make a few changes to our schedule.

Glad you had a great time, the photos are great
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Congratulations to you both Everyone looks Beautiful and the Red dresses are Lovely
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys make a beautiful couple. And the pics are great.
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Congrats! You were all beautiful!
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Many many MANY congratulations and bestestest wishes

You are a beautiful couple, I'm sure it was lovely
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Congrats, Crystal!!!

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your special day with us - I've been wondering how it all was going!

Much happiness to both you and Erik - you're a couple of great people and you deserve it!
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Are you going on a honeymoon?
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Congrats! You look so happy!
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Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your wedding pics. I love your bouquet.You two make a lovely couple!
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Congrats! You both look so happy!! I love the bridesmaids dresses too! ANd your flowers are beautiful!
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Congratulations Crystal!
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Congratulations! Everything and everyone look gorgeous!
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Congrats! I love your flowers!
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(ummm, and I'll take batchelor #2, hubba hubba!!! )
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YAY! Congrats!! You just reminded me to post some pictures from our wedding.
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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many happy returns Dear Crystal!
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Awwwwwwwww! What a beautiful wedding! You look so pretty!
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your pictures turned out sooo lovely! you look gorgeous!!
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The professional photos are great! #7 is a great photo of you
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Those photos are so beautiful, I really love the last photo of you 2
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