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STRANGEST thing...

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My cat's favorite toy seems to be those crackle balls (which is great, because they're REALLY cheap), the ones that crackle and crinkle. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make it into a toy that I could play with him with... so I looked for string to tie around it. I couldn't find any, so I settled for dental floss. I was running, dragging it all around the house and he was chasing it like crazy. The phone rang so I dropped the toy and went to answer the phone... and when I came back, I saw him with not even a foot of the floss hanging out of his mouth and then the ball. The floss was about 3 feet long to begin with. At first I thought, "Is the rest of the floss all just in his mouth?" So I looked into his mouth to find that he was actually swallowing it!!! I pulled on what was left of the string... and it all came up (he didn't gag or meow in pain, which I was expecting). It makes me wonder though what kind of weird things cats eat.
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Strings of any kind, cats can swallow and actually become entangled around their intestines and be fatal. You were very lucky you caught it just in time.
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I am certainly glad you got it out OK but I have no idea what a crackle ball is, if you happen to have a picture I would like to cover another area of my ignorance.
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Thank goodness you got it out OK. Pami's right, string is very dangerous to cats. It's not something you want to leave lying around.
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it is also something you don't want to pull out, at least not quickley. Just in case it got tangled around his intestines.
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Thanks guys for your responses... I've learned a lesson, I never really thought that cats would try and eat string. I'm really glad I got to him in time too, though I was only out of the room for no more than a minute.

Persi, here is a picture of crackle balls http://www.shop.com/op/~Mylar_Crackl...-prod-36009000

I'm sure you have seen them before.
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I'm glad you got to him in time! Cat's do eat strange things....

Thanks for the link. I'm def going to get my kitts some!!! They'll LOVE them!
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That dental floss could have killed him. Never, EVER use it again for a cat toy. You are lucky he did not swallow this.

The best and safest thing to tie around a kitty toy is a shoelace (I use a long leather bootlace for Gizmo and she loves to chew on it as well as on the toy.)
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