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Sudden Sexual Behavior....

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Reggie has always loved his snuggles and attention however overthe last few days its turned sexual?

Whenever I am sat on the computer he always has jumped up on my lap for a cuddle and has watch the screen with fascination!

The last few days he has done the same - yet when he is on my lap and I am cuddling him his seems aroused? His - how do you put this? - willy pops out and he is licking it madly then starts pulling and pushing at my top etc

Is this odd or normal?

I only ask as he has always sat on my lap whilst I am on comp for the year that I have had him - but its only recently he has acted like this?

Is he just grown up now and sexually fustrated? or is this normal?

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Is he neutered?
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I do not know for my cat is nuetered, but as a dirty old man, I could not surpress my laughter but only because I know that you are about to receive an intelligent answer from somebody on this site that knows about these things.
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Radar is nearly 6 months now and due to be neutered in the next couple of weeks, and yes I recognise the situation you describe. He has become 'excited' a couple of times when I am petting him, and a couple of times when he is grooming himself. It is not unusual - just get him neutered as soon as you possibly can!
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They were both neutered when they were a few months old - I got them done and injections as soon as they were old enough?
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Lots of neutered cats hump!

Tibby was neutered when he was a kitten and has been humping for the past two of his three years!

He'll hump all sorts of things (mainly my cardigans and me! ) I feel that it's comforting to him!
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Do you wear lilac perfume? It's an aphrodisiac for cats, same as catnip.
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Wellington has started doing this in the last few weeks - it began with very aggressive kneading, which became accompanied by definite 'humping' movements on me as I lie or sit down. He doesn't do it with the other cats, just with me! I wondered if it is because he is on steroids for asthma which is arousing his (neutered) sexuality. It can be a bit scary as he is a very big cat and quite persistent. Last night he even tried to bite my arm while he was kneading away! I don't quite know what to say to the vet if I go, and what could be done anyway - he is on the lowest dose of prednizone that will control his asthma.
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Jenny, I'm not sure that it is Wellington's steroids that affect him. My Tibby has never been on medication (except the odd course of antibiotics) and has done this for years.

The biting part does come with part of the teritory of humping though. When Tibby makes and attempt at my head, he will aim to bite my lips. He also goes for my arm or chest if I'm wearing one of his favourite cardigans
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My neutered male cat hasn't done this to me but he has done this to my other cat, a spayed female. He will mount and hump her while playbiting the back of her neck. To be honest I have never seen cats mating only heard them at the last complex I live in that had a lot of abandoned whole cats in the area. I don't even know if this is how cats do it when they are actually mating. I just know it isn't going to get these two anywhere as far as kittens go.
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Biting your lips? Now, that is scary! Wellington is not going for my head - it is usually an arm or a leg, sometimes just his paws resting on my body while he stays on the sofa or bed or whatever. But it is strange that he has never done this before - what age was Tibby when he started?
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Yes it is scary as he usually tries that move while I'm sleeping!

He only started the head thing this year, but he's been humping since he was about 10-12 months old (have to estimate as we weren't sure of his age when he came to us) He was neutered at a very approximate 6 months.

Tibby will also do this on pillows and cardigans - even when I'm nowhere near. Although, he does only use ones that I have worn or have spent time around.

I do think that it's a comfort thing and due to our scent, it attracts them to certain things. No idea what triggers it though!
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They are GUYS!!! That's why!! Seriously, removing a part doesn't stop their instinct to reproduce and I don't think it matters how young they are when neutured,either. You can't remove instinct!!
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I have had a number of male neutered cats in my life, and I have never before had one who does that. Kneading yes, of course, and being very affectionate with an owner, but not this obvious thrusting sexual behaviour!
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Well I am glad its not odd then!!! lol

I have never seen him with another cat although I have seen Ronnie with one!

Maybe he is just jealous and being male needs to get laid!!! lol
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