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Got new kitten now our 2 yr old cat isnt happy. Need advice

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Well we picked up a three month old kitten yesterday and tried to do our best introducing them. We left the kitten in the bedroom with her own litterbox and food/water and kept our existing two year old in the rest of the place. We put them together once and the little one could careless (she was just playing and running around). The two year old isnt so happy. He now wont do anything except sit way up ontop of the cabinets in the kitchen and he will make a deep growling sound and did hiss once when we tried to get them to meet. Does anyone know if this is just something that takes time or will the older one never be happy? Is there anything we can do to help the existing cat accept the new kitten and hopefully be friends?
P.S. the kitten is a three month old female and the older two year old is a male.

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Don't worry!!! This takes time...
I have a 3 yr old and brought home a new kitten. I kept the baby locked up (as you are) for about a week.. only bringing her out when I was home and awake. Let your kitten explore under your supervision. Your adult may hiss or growl but I don't think he will hurt the baby. This is what I was told and it worked. After about a week I just let them be and they were fine. My adult has now "adopted" the baby and it was the best thing I've ever done. Good Luck!
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Normal. Just be patient and soon they'll be pals.
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It does take time but one thing that stood out in your post..."we PUT them together" and "we tried to get them to meet". Don't do this, let them discover each other on their own. Let them sniff and get to know each other. There will be hiss, growling, batting at each other, even "fighting" but as long as no blood is shed there is no problem.
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We have a 2 yr old cat and brought home a 7 week old kitten a month ago. My cat freaked out. She was so mad. She would growl and hiss. If i went to touch her, she would hiss and swat at me. Now they are much better, still not the buddies i had hoped they would be, but in time i am sure they will be. Peaches still hisses at the kitten if she gets to close to her and sometimes tries to attack her and bite her neck, but it is not nearly anything like it was when we first got the kitten.



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Thanks for all the replies. I worded that wrong we did not actually force them to be together we are letting them do their own thing now while they can be supervised otherwise we keep them in seperate rooms still. So far our two year old has yet to come down from ontop of the kitchen cabinets.
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I did the exact same thing for the first few weeks. I kept them seperated unless we were home to supervise. Your cat is probably just very unsure of the kitten right now and want to observe the kitten. I find PEaches likes to do that still. Kittens have so much energy, so i think it is a bit of shock for the older cat. Not that a 2 yr old cat is old by any means, but you know what i mean.
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