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Thursday DT

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Hi everyone,

Well....I have no idea what has happened to the "real" me. I was in a good mood and now, out of the blue, I am crabby! I hate being in a bad mood, ESPECIALLY when I have no idea why I am in a bad mood!!!!

The weather is not great but can I really blame that???

*sigh* sorry to be a drag......just wanted to vent to someone that Yes, I am in a bad mood! So far, people are asking "What's wrong" and I'm replying "Nothing". That in itself probably isn't helping me much.

Hope everyone else's day is going better....
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Ghys I get that way sometimes, too. I really hate it when I don't even have a good reason to be crabby. Which only makes me more crabby...vicious circle.

Well, we got the new apartment today. Of course, still not even close to ready to move. Thank goodness we have 2 weeks. I took a break from packing last night, which I probably shouldn't have done. I was so tired I figured it was better to take one night off than be sick or exhausted for the real move. The kitties were happy we didn't do anything. They are really stressing about all the changes. Ophelia, who is usually very quiet, gave us a 10-15 minute lecture about taking away one of her hiding spots in the closet (which I packed Wed. night). Just meowing her little head off, going into the closet, coming out and meowing some more. I tried explaining to her that she will be getting all new hiding spots that no one will know about, and she seemed to "understand" and like that idea, but then saw the open closet door and it started all over again. Poor things, they just don't like change in their little worlds.
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Good luck with your moves. And Whiskers Mom - AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! I hate it when that happens. It is a vicious circle and it sucks. Sorry to hear it.

I took the day off today just because I felt like it. Of course it's just about one of the worst days of the summer. It's over 100 degrees here and REALLY humid. But how lucky am I that that's the worst of my problems today?

Try reading FlimFlam's post about the beer scooter. Might make you smile a bit!
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Heidi and Susan...Good luck with all of your packing and the moves.

Heidi, from all that I've read lately, I think the break you took was well deserved!

LDG - Thanks! I'm off to read the beer scooter!!!
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It doesn't matter why you're in a bad mood. Your other half is going to blame it on pms or your mother, depending on his mood. I'm in a bad mood because I can't sleep. Like Adrienne, I go into the insomnia mode for no particular reason sometimes. I hate this! I read the Beer Scooter, but it was too funny to put me to sleep!

Heidi and Suzie, I hope the moves go well. I know it's a lot of work for you. Is there any news on Debby? She should be induced any time now if she didn't already have the baby on her own.
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Well, if Debby is going to be induced, they should be packing up the car and leaving very soon. I guess we will all have to wait until little Amber makes her grand entrance and Debby is back home and with us.

Jeanie - are you still pacing the halls here in TCS with me?
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HHHOOOORRRRAAAAYYYYY! (That's supposed to be a little happy dancing smilie)

Hubby just called me to tell me that he will be back to doing actual computer tech work! He had just been selling stuff on Ebay because the other tech there didn't like Earl or "his technique." Well, the owner decided that he didn't like the tech's "technique" especially when dealing with customers. So he is gone, and Earl will basically have the Lead Tech position. Not only will this be good for his self-esteem, but also for my checkbook!!! Yeah - a regular paycheck. What more can I possibly ask for??
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I'm with you, Heidi, still wearing out the floor here! We are all such nervous "aunts." I'm really glad hubby got a break. You deserve
some good luck! OK, Debby, we're still here. The tv's on CBS, so we'll watch Big Brother with you. I hope they gave you an epidural by now! Love from the DT !
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Hi, everybody. Home from work. Bill and I, both had an awful day. We're going out to dinner and come home, for some major snuggling.

Will keep looking out, for a post from Debby.
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