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Vibes for Mickey and Monty

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Hey guys, just wanted to request some vibes/prayers for my little foster babies, Mickey and Monty. The little guys are going to the vet tomorrow for their big day - getting fixed, tested and vaccinated. Please send some vibes that all goes well for these little sweeties. Thanks!
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Good Vibes Coming Your Way!!!!
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I hope all goes well!
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Lots of vibes are on the way. I'm sure they'll be fine!
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Lots of vibes for the little gangsters!!! {{{{{}}}}}
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{{{}}}} vibes for the boys!
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You got them Eileen! Give hugs from me!
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Prayers and vibes and good luck thoughts heading your way Eilcon, Mickey and Monty!
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Good vibes for Mickey and Monte to recover quickly and then to find loving forever homes!
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Aw, lots of vibes to the little sweeties!! I'm sure they will be fine
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Sending many good vibes for your little ones {{{ }}}
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Sending many vibes for Mickey and Monty's big day!
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Lotsa vibes for the boys, and hugs for their foster Mum
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Lots of calming vibes are on the way Eileen.
Mickey & Monty
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Thanks, everybody, for thinking of Mickey and Monty.

Just heard from the vet's office that both little guys came through the surgery just find and tested negative for FeLV and FIV!

Now, I have to start looking for a home for them. I know someone who may be interested in both of them, so keep your fingers crossed. I'm going to hold onto them at least a couple of more weeks, though, since Monty still needs some socialization and just because they're so darn cute!

Thanks again!
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Eileen, that's great news
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Excellent news Eileen!
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Yaaaayyy Mickey and Monty
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excellent news!!!
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Wonderful news, Eileen!!
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Wonderful news....

My fingers are crossed Eileen, that these sweet boys will be welcomed together, into a loving home.
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That's wonderful news.Sending find a good home vibes your way.
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Yea to Mickey and Monty. I home the plans for a forever home work out. It would be great if they could stay together.
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