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Sick kitten...

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Hello there,
I'm new here. I don't know what's wrong with one of our kittens. Our Siamese cat had a batch of 4 kittens, they're now about 5 or 6 weeks old. all of them seemed fine yesterday but today one seems very ill, it's walking funny and won't play with the others and it's little butt is all swollen with diarahee discharge coming out of it. I fed it an egg away from the others.. it ate a qaurter of it and drank quite a bit of water. It goes in the litter box and acts like it's gonna go but nothing happens. I feel bad for it, what do you think is wrong with it? Thank you,
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This kitten needs to see a vet now. Please contact your local vet clinic and have them see this little one today.
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Can I ask why you fed it an egg?

This little one needs to be seen by a vet ASAP.
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Because it wouldn't even go by the cat food, and I thought maybe it will eat a little bit of egg. Yes, I will call vet now.
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Yes, please do call your vet, and let us know how the little one is doing. Are all the others OK?
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Hi Nick, welcome to TCS. My name is nikki. I would sincerly recommend that
the kitten needs to be examined by a vet immediately. At 5-6 weeks of age, many things could be the culprite of his current situation. Have they been dewormed or checked out by a vet yet? Have your vet test the kittens for coccidia as well as other problems. Also, seizures and fading kitten syndrom can occur at that age- so when in question, it is best to take the kitten to a vet since we are not able to diagnose your kitten over the internet. I hope everything goes well Keep us posted.
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I was told giving them a bit of cooked egg yolk was fine, but not the white.
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Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know that the little guy is doin' great and he's all better, turns out that he had constipation. I called the Vet and I told him I was just giving him Fish oil capsils and giving a little bit of milk to help soften it's crap alittle. He said to just keep doing what I was doing and if the next day he didn't go to the bathroom then to bring him in. But the next day he started going.. it looked really hard at first but a few hours after that it was back to normal and it's a few days later now he's running around playing with the others and he's doing great. Thanks for all the helpful hints you guys gave. C ya later,
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