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Umm a thousand. LOL My parents, Grandma, Papa, 2 brothers, 4 sisters, 8 nieces, 30 cousins, 11 aunts/uncles.
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My sister lives in London so a good 45minutes drive away. My mom lives 10 minutes drive away and my aunt and her little family 10.5minutes drive (she lives across the road from my mom). The rest of my family live either in Austrailia or back home in South Africa so they aren't a hop, skip and a jump away anymore!
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on my side I only have my sister and brother-in-law...and they live across the

But dh has ALL of his family here except for 1 his family makes up for me not having mine here.... which his family probably has over 500 people in
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I have a huge family 4 generations have lived here in the same town. My grandmother had 9 siblings and my grandfather had 11! So you can just imagine the relatives I have that all live within 15 miles of me! It boggles the mind to just try and count them all.
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About 70% of my family live within 50 miles of me! And that's a looootttt or relatives! My mom came from 9 sibs, and my dad from 11! I'm way to lazy to count the number of cousins that I have!
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None - both my parents are over the bridge and all my siblings live in the UK - I am used to being with my DH
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NONE!!!! All of my family is in Michigan.
DHs family, we have 2 Brothers,1 Sister and his Mom.Plus,2 Uncles and 1 Aunt and too many cousins to count.LOL!!
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50 miles? All I have is my sister and my brother. The rest of my family is about 3 hrs away. I also have some in CO and Arizona.
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None - all of my family/relatives, except for some distant cousins in Northern Ireland, are on the other side of the Atlantic. My in-laws live two blocks away, though, and my b-i-l and his family about 22 km /13.7 miles from here.
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My parents and my sister are about 10 miles from me. (The perfect distance...close enough to visit often, but not close enough to stop by without calling first. ) I have two brothers that are farther in Milwaukee and one in St. Louis.

As far as in-laws, they're in southern Illinois, Texas, and Arizona.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
0 my dads side of the family lives in sicily (italy) and my mums side of the family lives in scotland, and from thursday onwards my parents will be living in italy so i will be all alone in germany :P
Oy, that is just too far, Fwan!

I'm in Illinois, and my Dad and brother and his family are in Michigan, 6-7 hours away. The in-laws are in Indiana, 5-6 hours away. Sister and family in New York, other sister and family in Colorado, and other brother and family in Oklahoma.

I grew up in Michigan, and the economy tanked, and we scattered looking for jobs. I'm settled here now, with close friends, but my kids don't know all their cousins like I did growing up. I wish we were closer physically, so we could see each other more.
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Let's see:

2 parents

2 kids

3 grandkids

3 brothers

7 nieces/nephews

2 great-nieces/nephews

19 total
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We don't have any family within 50 miles of us. The closest is one of my cousins who is about 60 or so miles away...and most of my hubby's family and some of my family lives about 70-90 miles away. My dad lives 6 hours away (not sure of mileage) and mom lives in Virginia.

Kitty Cuddles,
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I have too much family.. I don't even know where most of them live. Not including the people in my house, I have an aunt, uncle, and cousin here in town. My step-grandpa lives here too and I have an aunt that lives about 45 minutes away.
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None. All my family lives in Utah which is about 2083.28 miles away from where I live in Maryland/work in DC!

My sister and her family lives 2 HOUSES AWAY from my parents home! My brother and his family lives about 10 min away from my parents' home. All my aunts/uncles/cousins are located in SLC, Utah approximately..

I guess I am the black sheep of the family since I'm the only one who lives OUT of the state!

I visit my immediate familiy 2 x a year (once at Christmas and once during the summer time).

It sucks being all alone here but at the same time, I LOVE where I live, my job, etc.. Guess we can't have everything we want huh?
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My parents live like an hour and a half from me. Everyone else lives at least 3 hours away.
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