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How much do you have?

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How much family do you have within 50 miles of you?

I have my 4 of my 5 siblings about 60 miles from me, but Mom is moving to TN right after Christmas..............
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Just 50 miles? Then just one aunt and uncle. My father lives 65 miles (or so) north of us, my sister about 40 miles north of him but works in the same city Dad lives in. It's only about 1-1/2 hours drive, so we see them fairly often.
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Just my mom and dad and sister and niece. The rest of them live in Indiana. But we don't really talk to them a lot. So I have my dads mom and my aunt and cousin that we talk to. Its really sad to think about having a big family like we do but not having contact with them.

Susie its going to be tough to have your mom living in TN but its a beautiful state! You will love visiting there!
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let's see. my aunt and my little cousin,
of course my mom and dad (we live in the same house), my uncle, my aunt, and my little cousin and my grandpa (who I really claim no relation to).
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My whole family lives within 50 miles.
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My 3 Daughters & they hubby's and 5 Grandkids are within 15 miles, My sis-in-laws from my first marriage the same and My brothers 1 and sisters 2 within 40 imles, and we never see each other Everyones life is so very busy, it's tough but it's cheap to talk on the phone or online...So it's ok
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
How much family do you have within 50 miles of you?

I have my 4 of my 5 siblings about 60 miles from me, but Mom is moving to TN right after Christmas..............
Susie we here on TCS talk more then My family The brats J/K
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Within 50 miles (80.45 km)? Ummm ... none. I went away to attend university and I stayed "away."
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well, alot actually....if you count hubby's family. (excluding his mom, dad, & granmom...ewww.) But if you count just mine, then my dad & step-mom, and my sister & my neice.
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The only one near us is my husbands son and he lives 80 miles away, but is in our town everyday. The rest of my family is 600 and 800 miles away! And my husband's daughter broke our hearts and moved to Utah this summer and that's 2 days away!!
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I think most of my family does, but the only family we really associate with is my Mom's and i have an aunt, an uncle and a cousin and then my mom & dad, my sister, and my Grandpa (mom's dad) I have 3 aunts, 2 uncles and a whole slew of cousins on my Dad's side but I could pass them on the street and not know who they were I do see my Grandma (Dad's mom) every once in awhile. My half-brother lives in Texas, but I haven't really seen or spoken to him in, oh 11 years
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On "my side of the family I have one cousin who lives just a couple of miles away. My parents are about 85 miles and my sis is in a different state.
Most of Neil's family lives within 50 miles except one brother and a few nieces and nephews.
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Most of my family, which isn't very large at all, are still in my state but the important ones, mom and dad, bailed from our miserable weather. Dad split 28 years ago to Tennesee and now he's in Southern California. My mom bailed 4 years ago to SW Florida and now she's in Georgia. She'd had enough of the hurricanes.
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Almost everyone is within 50 miles. I do have some cousins in Wisconsin, and one in California.
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0 my dads side of the family lives in sicily (italy) and my mums side of the family lives in scotland, and from thursday onwards my parents will be living in italy so i will be all alone in germany :P
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I have the son next door, and I really don't have much family on my side that I speak with anymore. Dad was somewhere in GA, no idea where... DH's family is all within 75 miles, cept for the nephew in the Marines is somewhere in the Midwest, I forget where... We do have a crowd when DH's family gets together, lots of in-laws and cousins.
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No one within 50 miles of me. But my Mom and Dad are just a little more far from that..about a hour's drive.
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My parents are usually in Arizona in the winter.
One brother and his family are in Seattle, another brother and his family are in St Paul.
Both surviving sisters and my other two brothers are in Nebraska, and my eldest niece and her kids are in Oklahoma.
Cousins are in South Dakota and California.
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Almost all of it. My youngest brother is about 3 hours away!
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None. My closest family is in Georgia, and that's a couple thousand miles away.
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My daughter, my mom and stepdad, one uncle and his wife ... uhm ... that's about it! My dad and his wife are in FL, another uncle and his family live in TX, I have just one brother that I never speak to, he and his wife and child live in MD or VA, I forget which.

I go to friend's houses for holidays now. They are the family I choose.
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On my side, one or maybe two cousins that I know of and am not in touch with. On Rob's side there are a niece, a nephew, a cousin and his son in the Vancouver area; and his Mum, one sister, an aunt, a niece and some cousins in the Victoria area.
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Lets see... 50 miles = 80.5 km so... basically most of my family Although I have a couple cousins in Nanuvut and my 2 step uncles are in British Columbia but most of the family is within the 80.5 km.
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Well I have a HUGE family. For the most part, all of them are within 50-55 miles of me. I do have a cousin that lives in OK with her family. I miss her a ton!!! I also have a great uncle and great great aunt that live in CA. There is also some family who live in Arkansas...and some spread out in other states that i've never meet. For the most part though- All of my sisters and I live fairly close together (my sister kimmy and her family just moved back to TN from penn. this year! So it's wondeful to have them back- we are super close!!). So most of my family lives near me, but there are also some family members spread out throughout the US
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
How much family do you have within 50 miles of you?
my mom, dad, & all of my siblings [2 brothers, 1 sister & their spouses & children]. also my dad's brother, his wife, & their daughter & her husband & kids. in total, 24 people, plus me.
however - my mom's family all live in Louisiana [Lake Charles area] & we go there 2-4 times a year to see them. that's further than 50 miles, tho - more like 450. there's over 50 of them...
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None of my family live close to us. Sis lives on Ohio, Mom lives in Texas, Aunt and Uncle live in NY. DH now that's another story. His parents live right across the river in IL a 5 minute drive, and his bro lives 4 blocks from us. I sometimes am sad during the holidays, but then I talk to them and I'm ok again.
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I only have my mum and 1 of my brothers that live near me.
My Dad, my sister and 1 brother lives 70 miles away and i have another brother who lives in scotland. I still get to see my sisiter once a week and we are always on the phone to each other. Hardly ever speak to Dad and i cant remember the last time i spoke to 2 of my brothers.
Quite sad really.
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Immediate family is Mom, sis and bro-in-law, nephew and his family, a maternal uncle and wife (as well as a son and his family), another uncle lives a couple of blocks away (one son is nearby the other is in on the west coast - thankfully), a paternal aunt (by marriage) and her kids (except one) and their families...

And thanks to my genealogical research I also have many many many many many many many distant cousins!!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot. I have one remaining great aunt who lives about 30 miles from me.
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Pretty much everyone!! Except my mom and brother But its alright I see them like 4 times a year
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2 - my cousin and his wife live about 45 minutes from us.

Otherwise the rest of my family lives about 170 miles from us -
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