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Am I nuts? pet store employee p*ssed me off

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yesterday I was buying two weeks of wet food for abi. the pet store employee went on a rant about how bad wet food is for cats and they should only eat it as a treat. I explained what my vet said about food and she persisted in a loud voice to scold me and how shocking it was for a vet to give such bad advice to a pet owner. I gently explained that their natural wild diet would be flesh and blood and bones but she only got more strident about how I was damaging my cat. I am going to go back there today with a six page article on why high quality wet food is the best food for a cat. she shouldn't be practicing medicine or nutrition without a license and I am going to talk to the manager. If she doesn't cease her bad advice I am not going to shop there anymore. Am I insane?
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Nope! Give her the article (and give the manager a copy, too), and suggest that she browse this forum so that she can give qualified advice if she feels she absolutely has to put her two cents in.
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I agree that its crazy for a petstore worker to be giving you advice on how to take care of your cat. they work at a petstore. They don't have a animal nutrition degree or a vet degree.
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If I were you, I would go straight to the manager FIRST. What happened to you is NOT good customer service, and that is the employees job - to provide GOOD customer service, not lecture customers on a topic they are not educated on!!!
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YOU are not insane, and SHE was way out of line. Definitely talk to the management -- I doubt they want this kind of tirade happening!
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I agree. It would have been rude of her to give you advice like that even if it was good advice! And it wasn't!
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I would give the article to the Mgr and associate and then kindley explain that with service like that I would/ will be taking my business elsewhere
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Not only do I agree with your stance on wet food, but also that she was out of line, most especially for going off on a rant. Even at a human health food store, unless the staff member is licensed as such, it is not legal for them to issue (prescribe) a remedy or food. They may give written information and even offer advice, but only with the stressed disclaimer that it is merely opinion.

Before you rule out this store completely, perhaps you would want to first go to the manager about this employee. I'm quite sure this isn't the behavior they prefer in their place of business and would most likely appreciate your input.
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Definitely show the Manager and the employee the articles. If she has been adamant about giving this poor advice to other customers, I'd be very worried about what damage she may be doing.
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I brought the feline nutrition article into the store, told the manager and he gave me a large bag of WBCL multicat and apologized for the way I was treated, More importantly, he will talk to the clerk about how to treat customers and what's proper food for cats. I feel a little better.
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By educating the store manager and in turn it's employee, you have made a positive difference.
Good work.
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I am so glad the mgr did listen to you
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Great results! Good for you for speaking up!
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Well done!
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Haha if an employee at my store did that they'd get in so much trouble... but then again, we wouldn't allow anyone out on the floor who's so uneducated

I agree that no "pet store employee" should give medical advice or other things that should be seen by a veterinarian, I do feel that nutrition is an area where some vets are completley useless, and I know I've helped multiple dogs and cats whos vets were doping up with drugs and other steroids, just by suggesting a better quality or certain kind of food. It helps however that my boss is adament we are completley up to date on our nutritional informaiton.

I'm glad you were able to discuss the situation with the manager, and that the employee is going to be better informed.
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Excellent job. I'm proud of you!
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Good for you..nothing worse than an overly confident, pushy ignorant person in customer service and that's how I really feel!
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I'm glad you stood up for yourself! It is good that the manager was kind and receptive to you and gave the cashier a talking to. There was no excuse for her to be so rude to you!
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Good on you!! Just think of how many other kitties you've helped by putting an end to her ranting at customers
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You didn't ask her opinion and she didn't shut up when you indicated that her opinions were not welcome.

I'd complain to the manager and inform him that you were going to shop in another store. That way, there might be a job opening for a more courteous (let alone educated) sales clerk.
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I'm so glad I wasn't with you at the time, coz I would have gone off on one, and given her a right old rant. A, I am a bit of a know it all especially about cats and dogs health care food suppliments food brands etc B, I am a brilliant actor and Blagger so if I didn't know something I sure would have sounded convincing that I knew what I was talking about, and C, she would have looked so small and pathetic she'd probably have quit her job their and then!!

and then we'd have laughed all the way home!!!
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I wouldn't mind betting that they get showered with leaflets and presentations from dry food manufacturers about how their food is the only healthy way to feed a cat, and that product is what they should be selling Some people become a bit 'blinded by science' if you like, and fall for it hook line and sinker.

Good for you for taking the effort to change their attitude on this!
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way to go gal !!
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Everyone is entitled to thier own oppinion. But I think that it wasn't right of her to keep persisting and to tell you that you were damaging your cat. Go ahead and give her the article, but if she's that thick headed I'm not sure that it'll change her mind, or even that she'll read it. But I would talk to a manager, she shouldn't be scaring people like that with bad advice.
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I'll wager a guess that the girl was probably in school studying to be a vet and thinks she knows it all.

I'm an RN and back when I was doing my final rotation before graduating, I was assigned a nurses aide student. I was in a patient's room talking about pain management with the man's son (who didn't want his dad to have anything for pain) and this nurses aide student was making the bed on the other side of the room. Suddenly he piped up and interjected his opinion on pain medications and dosages. I could have jumped over the bed and choked him, LOL But I asked him to go and check on a patient in another room, finished up my conversation with the son and then went out to speak to that student and told him that what he did was inappropriate and not part of his job description.

So it's quite possible that this girl you encountered was similar to this nurses aide student I had to evaluate.

Either way, what she did was wrong. She made her suggestion to you and should have left it at that instead of arguing with you and accusing you of being a bad meowmy.
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ok that really woudl have angered me!! so many breeders/employees of pet food stores think they are vets, or at least know more than vets... obviously do your own research, and obviously the person that took veterinary medicine would know whats best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. heard bad things about Orijen Kibble! too much protein = polycystic kidney disorder......... watch out! (info from my vet)
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Originally Posted by kittykittysick View Post
ok that really woudl have angered me!! so many breeders/employees of pet food stores think they are vets, or at least know more than vets... obviously do your own research, and obviously the person that took veterinary medicine would know whats best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. heard bad things about Orijen Kibble! too much protein = polycystic kidney disorder......... watch out! (info from my vet)
Oh it contains too much phosphorous. It's not the protein itself, it's the phosphorous which tends to come with the protein.

I just discontinued feeding my cats all dry food, didn't think I could do it but I finally did. Spotty eats his canned food free choice like he did his kibble twice a day for the amount of time I leave it out. And I'm convinced that even these grain free dry foods are no good IMHO (but no offense to anyone who feeds it, I don't have the right to give unsolicited advice). I can tell anyone stupid enough to give me a lecture on how "damaging" feeding my cats canned food is that because I'm not feeding dry food anymore my cats are not going to get urinary tract disease or feline diabetis and probably won't get IBD since their gastrointestinal systems are not being overloaded with grains and fillers from dry food and Spotty is definitely going to shed some of his 17 pounds.

Here's something you can say to the ignorant pet store employee. "What scientific basis do you have to back up your claim? (She'll be in a frozen state thinking) Well? I'm waiting. No, cats on dry food get plenty of tarter build up and plaque on their teeth from the starches. No, that dry stuff is technology, not real science. Want Science? Just watch nature programs and see what cats in the wild eat. Well? Oh, I see, you're not knowledgeable enough to come up with a smart answer? Well, I rest my case. But I think I'll purchase the canned food at a different store. You just lost a sale." Just say that. Because I would be angry enough to talk like that.
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I agree - take her a copy of the article and also ask to speak to the manager - if the manager is not there, get his/her name and number and contact them.

No way should that employee be acting that way - especially raising her voice too.
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First of all, go see the manager! It is NOT her place to give out her opinion on what a customer should or should not be feeding their pet. That is really not any of their business and it was uncalled for, nor did you ask for it. If she really knew anything about animals, she wouldn't be working as a cashier in a pet store. Maybe she should go back to school and be properly educated.
No, I don't think you are crazy. What she did was very distasteful and it wouldn't surprise me if they started to lose money due to unwarranted advice.

Good for you! I'm glad you stood up for what you believe in and that the manager took your side. Either she will shape up and shut up or ship out.
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The original post was from over a year ago. To the OP: Have you shopped at that store since then? Did that clerk apologize? I hope so! Good for you for bringing the articles in, and for talking to the manager about the poor customer service.
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