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Thanksgiving Plans?

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Yesterday I came to the scary realization that it is around 3 weeks to Thanksgiving. I host this holiday, and I have a REAL lot to get done between now and then

For those of you in the US, what are your plans for this holiday? Do you host, or are you a guest somewhere? Do you go to a restaurant, or do you have a nice quiet holiday at home?
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My mother hosts Thanksgiving (my aunt has Christmas Eve) so I'll be going over there, I usually get there around 11 so I can help cook or whatever. I usually bring something, I think last year I brought green bean casserole My aunt makes the turkey and pies and my Mom makes everything else... I'm just looking forward to the 2 days off work!
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Well, we always used to go to my Gramma's house for Thankgiving, but she passed in May so now the torch has been passed to my dad's oldest sister, so we'll be at her house this year. My dad is one of 11 kids so there's always a TON of people and no shortage of food Can't wait!
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This year, Colin and I are supposed to go to Alabama to have Thanksgiving with his family
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I am making my first Thanksgiving day dinner. Wish me luck! I hope to do some Cornish Game Hens.
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I usually do the cooking for our family, about 15 of us. I love to cook, and I always do something unusual.
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Last I heard, it will be a big gathering of the maternal side of the family at my sister's church. Some of the first cousins want to get together and sister said her house is too small.

Let's see, 3 aunts, 4 uncles, 8 first cousins (at least), me, mom, sis and bro-in-law, niece and nephew and their spouses and their 5 kids, and countless offspring of the first cousins... And maybe some others.

Yep! Sis's house is too small.
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Well the plans were to be in North Georgia at the Thanksgiving Thunder Race with Lee racing but since he won't be here I will be at my mom and dad's for our traditional family get together.
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My parents always had it. This will be my mom's last year hosting it. She is moving to TN after Christmas..... Then on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Jerry and I host it for his side of the family. He just has one brother, his wife and child and his parents, so not too many people.
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It will just be me, Earl, Trent, Ophelia and Ginger-Cookie, but by the amount of food we always make you would think it should be at least 15 people for dinner. I LOVE making turkey and all the fixings and we always make a feast.
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all that I know is that we are having family at our house all day.
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Neil's 3 sisters take turns and we are invited to go to who ever's turn i tis. I haven't cooked T-day at my house for a long time. Some of the menfolk go hunting later so that is why its always "up north"!!
Its a big crowd-at least 25. The hostess makes the turkeys, potatoes, beverages and one dessert and everyone else brings stuff. I usually bring a bottle of wine, a dessert, a side dish or two.
After we are done stuffing ourselves we will play board cards (the women), the guys play cards and the kids watch a movie or two.
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We take off to the cabins in Tennessee! This year my in-laws are going as well. Should be interesting!
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I am the host alway's have been, but the last few years my Hubby has had to work Kinda makes me not want to do it and I am undecided this year so far.. I am Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt , Cheif cook, planner, cooker, Host, and Not the bottle washer
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I'll be heading home to be with my family. We always have it at my Grandparents house, which is my mom's side of the family. All 25 of us will be there - and there definately won't be any shortage of food!! We usually go there around 11ish to help out with everything - I love being in the kitchen with my Grandma, mom & aunts! Its always great to see everyone .... and to eat all the awesome food
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