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Orangie (Julius) is Back Home

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Well - since his foster mommy didn't want him and there wasn't success (yet) in finding him a home, after being neutered we brought Julius home to his woods, his burrow and his brother. (Haven't seen Mom since the afternoon we brought her home from being spayed).

Hubby is just incredible with animals. Julius was more confident on the ride home than on the ride to the Vets - meowing indignantly about being in the crate. We talked soothingly to him the whole time. He was asleep by the time we got home. Took the crate out back, put in some food and water. He ate and drank (yeah!). Hubby then picked him up and cuddled - Julius didn't freak out. Put him back in cage, then put food and water out for his brother, who's always been pretty spooked.

We left for about 20 minutes, came back, and outside food was gone. We opened cage door and again walked away to give distance. Julius didn't run - he hopped out of the cage, romped up the hill, and lay down right near brother.

...Looks like we'll have to name brother, too. Lady who said she wanted him now doesn't. After seeing Julius, now she doesn't want to adopt feral kitty. I wish I could bring them all inside, or that at the least we had space so we could socialize them! This is so frustrating!
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Sigh.......People who do not give ferals a chance are missing out on so much. It not only robs the person who *thought* they wanted a feral kitty of knowing what trust and love can do to turn-around a cat's behavior, but it puts the feral back at risk for all the dangers of being with a colony.

L- you are already doing more than most people would. There is reason for you being in this spot of life right now, can you imagine how bad off this family would be, were it not for you to be around to help out? At least, you got mom spayed so more kitties will not be arriving in the woods very soon. You have prolonged her life as well and reduced some of the stress that she lives with daily. I am sorry that the people changed their minds. Sometimes, just the word "feral" makes some people freak out.
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You're so kind. But it's all kind of self-serving at this point. If we had the room, we'd bring them in. We really enjoy being their care-givers, and to see them happy because they're well fed and cared for is truly wonderful. This hot weather, any thunderstorm, and I'm sure this Winter with the snow all make my heart tear a little when I have to feed them outside, not inside.

And the two we adopted, well... I was worried about the size of our home. But we make sure to play with them A LOT. They get a lot of exercise - running back and forth tens of times, multiple times a day. Even though it's just 35 feet, it's a lot of work! (For both us and the kitties!) They both frequently come over to nuzzle both of us, and hubby is just completely beside himself every time.

Shelly's black and white "twin" seems to have disappeared. I had a good cry about it the other day, although nothing at all may have happened to him. You just don't know, and that's the bit**.
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Laurie - my feral Goldie spent at least two winters here in the NorthEast. I gave her shelter and a LOT of good food. I also made sure she had lots of fresh unfrozen water and a little warm 'kitty milk' now and then. We can all give you ideas for adequate winter shelter.
Like Hissy said, this family would be soooo much worse off if it was not for you and your husband. I hope that God blesses you in this life! You two are angels of mercy for this little family.
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